Tell Me Your Secrets season 1, episode 8 recap – what happened in “Be Mine”?

February 19, 2021
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“Be Mine” slightly suffers from some character development, but the story itself shapes up. It’s a very up-and-down series at this stage.

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“Be Mine” slightly suffers from some character development, but the story itself shapes up. It’s a very up-and-down series at this stage.

This recap of Amazon’s Tell Me Your Secrets season 1, episode 8, “Be Mine” contains spoilers.

Monsters are born, but monsters can also be created. That should be the main byline for this Amazon series. It has so many twists and turns that my neck hurts.

“Be Mine” opens with a flashback; Emma makes it known to her colleagues that it’s her birthday. She wants to know if she can come in late the next day. Suddenly, the salon turns into a surprise birthday party. In prison, Peter accuses Emma of telling a different story — he asks her if she trusts herself; he believes Emma has suppressed the memories. In the flashbacks, one of her colleagues told Emma to not celebrate with Parker — they were concerned. We’ll get to why later.

Parker wanted Emma to get rid of Theresa

In the present day, Pete tells Emma that she will end up back in prison if she lies about the situation. Later on, Emma checks out her old Facebook and remembers intimate moments with Parker against the wall. Emma tells Parker that Theresa is still in their place and that she can’t “go through with it”. Parker tells Emma to get rid of her, or he will. On Facebook, people can see that she’s back online, and she gets hateful messages very quickly. This is the first time in this series where social media is considered properly and how it can translate to a hate mob.

Emma warns Jay about St Jerome’s House

Emma tells foster child Jay that something terrible is happening at St Jerome’s House, and she wants him to keep an eye out on the girls who are in trouble. Jay goes into St Jerome’s House, and he learns that Tina has apparently died of “appendicitis”. Jay rings Emma and tells her that another friend of his is gone. This is turning into too much of a coincidence; it’s a cursed foster home if not.

Emma tells Tom everything

Emma tells Tom that two girls are dead. Tom is flabbergasted that she kept this to herself. Emma explains that she has a past, and it hurts her chances of getting back Freya. Tom knows she is on witness protection. Emma reveals her boyfriend killed nine women and that authorities think she was helping, but she cannot remember due to PTSD. Tom wonders if she is traumatized by something she did. Tom checks out the motel with Emma’s information to see if he can find out what’s happening with the girls from St Jerome’s House.

Tom’s role in this series is not sold well; first off, he’s a cop. Secondly, he immediately had deep feelings for Emma. And finally, he does not seem to trust her even when she is open with him; he doesn’t seem to fill a specific box.

John’s small circle

The complicated relationship between John and Mary continues in Tell Me Your Secrets season 1, episode 8.

A drunk Mary rings John. She asks him what he’s doing now that it’s over. John says it isn’t over until she knows what happens to her daughter. Mary wonders if anyone knows his past. John says his circle is relatively small, and Mary laughs stating she is his “small circle”, and asks how he manages with what he’s done. When John puts the phone down, it’s revealed he’s in a hotel room with a sex worker. He clasps her mouth and tells her to leave. It looks like he was about to rape her — he was about to give in to his temptations, but the timely call from Mary refocused him.

Tom finds himself in a lot of trouble

Tom looks around the motel and finds a young girl who seems to be a cleaner, injecting herself with drugs. He bumps into John and asks if he’s seen a girl. Tom enters a room and sees plenty of stuff about Emma — John reveals that the room is his and attacks Tom. He’s not a very good cop.

Afterward, Caterine visits John, and she asks him what he’s going to do about Emma. John warns a tied-up Tom and tells him that Emma is not a good person. He wants to find a way of getting Emma to open up.

Mary tells Adam that she’s done something terrible

With Mary now accepting that her daughter is dead, she decides to live with her young lover Adam. He tells her that he’s in love with her and wants her babies. Mary tells Adam that she has done something terrible.

Parker slept with Theresa

Emma meets an old colleague and wonders why she didn’t want her to go out with Parker for her birthday. The colleague tells her that she caught Parker sleeping with Theresa one night. This was a month before her birthday. Emma believes this is impossible because she didn’t know Theresa then, but it’s clear that she did, thus confirming Peter is right — Emma is blocking out memories.

The ending

Emma heads to Peter’s house, and Lisa alerts him. His wife clearly didn’t know about Emma living in their cabin, so she’s furious. Emma tells Peter that she killed Theresa with a rock because she was jealous. Peter tells her that they ran a DNA test on the remains, and it came back with a woman named Amy Walker. He asks her if she recognizes the photo; flashbacks show Emma walking up to Amy, who is severely injured on the floor. She’s holding a hammer. In the present, Emma freaks out.

Mary goes to her family home and tells Jake and her husband that the human remains are not Theresa — she believes she’s not dead again — you’d think the family would welcome this news, but there’s a silent understanding that Mary is unhinged when she isn’t accepting of her daughter’s fate. As the episode ends, Emma sleeps and it looks like John sneaks up next to her naked in bed and sniffs her hair. When Emma wakes up, he’s not there.

Tell Me Your Secrets season 1, episode 8 slightly suffers from some character development, but the story itself shapes up. It’s a very up-and-down series at this stage.

Additional points
  • Caterine tells John that Emma’s past is filled with violence.
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