Pitta Kathalu season 1 – Ramula short film review and ending explained

By Daniel Hart
Published: February 19, 2021 (Last updated: December 22, 2023)
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Netflix series Pitta Kathalu season 1 - Ramula


Ramula is a wonderful short, presenting how a woman feels powerless in a perceived man’s world and takes desperate actions to seek revenge.

This review of Pitta Kathalu season 1 – Ramula contains spoilers regarding the short film and explains the ending.

Ramula follows a young woman who feels exasperated by her lover’s (Ramu) non-committal ways. This is a typical story of a man not knowing what’s in front of him and acts in a jock-like way rather than broaching his feelings. The first act of the short film sees Ramula attending the cinemas with Ramu, but when her brother catches them there, Ramu claims they are “just friends” — cold words from a man that is not “all in” for a relationship and is not willing to take risks in front of her family.

Ramula is a wonderful short, presenting how a woman feels powerless in a perceived man’s world and takes desperate actions to seek revenge — it purposefully makes the character Ramu shameless; he has no accountability to his non-caring actions. The lead woman is dealing with a retired politician’s son, so there are many layers as the film bubbles on. There’s female empowerment present in the film, but ironically, it’s used as a weapon to hurt women and not to further themselves. The ending is shocking and has a Black Mirror approach to it — viewers will certainly be talking about the ending as part of this featurette Pitta Kathalu series.

Pitta Kathalu season 1 – Ramula short film ending explained

With Ramula frustrated with her now ex-boyfriend and the break-up, she decides to seek advice from a famous female politician about her situation. The politician tells her that she lets women down and she should do everything she can to take back control. In the scenes that follow, the young woman sets up a romantic setting for her and Ramu, and they get extremely intimate.

Following their intimate moment, Ramu is over-the-moon, and he tells his father that he will marry or elope with a poorer girl rather than be part of an arranged marriage. He’s gone from non-committal to “all in”. Ramula is excited, and she rings the politician and tells her that their plan has worked.

However, there’s a twist — the politician had planted a video camera in the room where the young woman and her boyfriend were getting intimate. The politician plays the footage on a news channel, stating that this is what a retired politician’s son gets up to in their spare time — sleeping with women and then straying. Everyone is in complete shock from both families.

Ramu is completely unaware of the video leak and heads to Ramula’s house, declaring his love. However, as he gets there, someone falls from a tall tree and falls to their death — blood splatters over Ramu’s face.

We can only assume that Ramula took her own life in a shocking ending, which demonstrates the dangers of the media, the toxicity of politics, and the manipulation empowerment can bring if used in the wrong way. In the end, it was a woman’s life that was destroyed.

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