Vincenzo episode 2 recap – Cha-young has a hunch about the mafia lawyer

February 21, 2021
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As cool and slick as you like, Vincenzo episode 2 continues to promote a cool character as we learn the intricacies of the conglomerate and the stakes involved. There’s certainly entertainment value in this series so far.

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As cool and slick as you like, Vincenzo episode 2 continues to promote a cool character as we learn the intricacies of the conglomerate and the stakes involved. There’s certainly entertainment value in this series so far.

This recap of Netflix k-drama series Vincenzo episode 2 contains significant spoilers.

The first episode of Vincenzo took social media by a storm, with Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) slowly looking over its shoulder — who will win the weekend double? It’s going to be a closely contested fight for viewership.

After a frantic ending to the last episode, chapter two starts with a hectic start with Vincenzo hanging Park Seok-do at the end of the building. He tells him that the building belongs to him. Park Seok-do promises his men will leave if he helps him up. However, when he brings him up, Park Seok-do asks his men to kill Vincenzo, but luckily, the police show up and tell the CEO that reporters have shown up. It’s all hotting up in this plaza.

Despite the help, Hong Yu-chan is not happy with Vincenzo

Vincenzo episode 2 sees Hong Yu-chan and Vincenzo having to work with each other still, despite their moral differences and backgrounds. But episode 2 proves that they have more in common than they thought.

Vincenzo is pulled aside by Hong Yu-chan, and he tells him he shouldn’t be fooling around, which frustrates Vincenzo; Cha-young is on the sidelines making sly comments to wind both men up. After the argument ends, Vincenzo insists he will get the plaza back. As he leaves, the reporters turn up from a news channel and want to talk to Vincenzo. Cha-young has a hunch and tells Vincenzo that she believes there’s something more valuable within the building — Vincenzo has met his match. How will he be able to navigate the gold away from Cha-young in future episodes remains a question.

With the tenants unhappy, Hong Yu-chan wants to verify if Vincenzo has fooled them or not.

Needing to retrieve the gold

With an incoming demolish from Babel means it presents a headache for Vincenzo; it’s becoming a story where we can imagine the lead character getting softened by a moralistic lawyer and friendly tenants.

Vincenzo meets Mr Cho in the hospital. He’s severely injured after being hit by a truck. Vincenzo reveals that the secret room at the plaza has measures inside that if someone tries to break-in, it has defence mechanisms to stop them. He needs to find a way of removing tenants from the Temple to retrieve the gold. He visits the Temple and tells them not to waste money on a boiler as the building will be demolished anyway.

Vincenzo wants the documents for Babel E&C

So Vincenzo goes on the offence like any good lawyer would — Suits style. 

Vincenzo meets Hong Yu-chan and asks if he can have the documents on Babel E&C so he can research the enemy before defeating them. Hong Yu-chan is hesitant about this idea, but Vincenzo reminds him of the “power of trust” and to give him a chance. Hong Yu-chan asks his assistant to pass him all the documents.

Vincenzo also wants the lawsuits documents, and he gets them. This is the first time that Hong Yu-chan realises that having Vincenzo beside him could be advantageous.

Facing the Chairman

Cha-young confronts Chairman Jang of Babel as she’s in charge of the lawsuit against them. He tells her to cut the case short as quickly as possible and walks away. She was trying to impress, but she looked down on him. The story is slowly leaning towards a plot where she will join her father and Vincenzo against Babel.

Fighting against Babel

Cha-young walks into her father’s office, and she sees Vincenzo is looking at the Babel files. She tells them she’s looking for her wallet. Vincenzo tells Cha-young and Hong Yu-chan that Babel are assh*les, and they do everything Yakuza, and Mafia do — he believes they are working out of line. Cha-young gets frustrated as Hong Yu-chan offers to help Vincenzo as much as possible to make them pay. Cha-young chases after Vincenzo, and they eat together — she calls him “basic”, but Vincenzo states he’s only preparing for war. In response, Cha-young tells Vincenzo to go back to Italy and fight against what he’s used to. The bickering between these two can only mean one thing — an incoming k-drama romance.

Meeting Na Deok-jin

Vincenzo heads to Babel offices with Hong Yu-chan and asks if he can see Na Deok-jin of Investment and Development. He’s denied at the reception to see him, but then he shows a bill of indictment for threatening and abetting. The receptionist immediately phones him. However, when they meet him, Vincenzo tells him the bill is fake, and they just wanted to meet. Vincenzo asks Na Deok-jin to cancel the contract and grabs him strongly by the shoulder. Vincenzo shows his gangster side here, and Hong Yu-chan looks impressed.

The lawyers drink together

Vincenzo episode 2 then provides a moment that came sooner than we thought — Hong Yu-chan and Vincenzo bond like friends.

Vincenzo and Hong Yu-chan talk about Babel’s eviction tactics and that they usually do it in a week. The two lawyers go out for a drink and meal. The pair seem to be bonding. Hong Yu-chan talks about how Oh Gyeong-ja was falsely charged for murder, but she accepts it because she believes she is being punished for abandoning her son. He talks about how he is the last lawyer that clients can lean on when it gets desperate — the last straw. While talking to Vincenzo, Hong Yu-chan gets a random silent call from a man. Hong Yu-chan tells Vincenzo that he seems genuine all of a sudden.

Ms Choi moves firms

Prosecutor Choi Myung-hee decides to hand in her resignation at work as she’s sick of being treated like a hound. She’s then welcomed to the same law firm that Cha-young works for. She will be a senior lawyer at Wusang. They talk about the plaza; Cha-young asks if they should consider the impact as a few people died in the last development.

Warm the tenants

And then we see how Cha-young is slowly moving to the other team…

Cha-young learns that the time they will demolish the plaza is 11 pm after her assistant overheard Mr Han on the phone with Chairman Jang. She storms to Hong Yu-chan’s place. However, Hong Yu-chan is retrieving vital information and leaves. Cha-young is frustrated and tells Vincenzo that they must evacuate the tenants immediately as the demolishment is coming. Vincenzo warns the tenants about the demolishment plans. The tenants fret as Vincenzo remains silent. They get annoyed as he likes photos on Instagram. The tenants go into a frenzy and start packing their things. Cha-young rings her father and tells him to leave the plaza immediately.

The ending

Mr Han and Ms Choi learn that one of the researchers at Babel Pharmaceuticals has run away during the quarantine. They end their meal short to go deal with the matter. Mr Han rings Cha-young, but she’s too busy heading to the plaza to get her father out of there before the demolishment.

When she arrives, a music festival has been prepared outside, meaning the construction team cannot proceed. It’s a protest. The tenants enjoy the night, and Vincenzo consumes his red wine and takes in the atmosphere, raising his glass to Hong Yu-chan. Flashbacks show Vincenzo thinking of the idea of a party, and he promoted it on Instagram. Cha-young sees it trending in the present day. She looks at him from a distance, and suddenly, the world slows down between them. Vincenzo raises a glass to her.

As cool as slick as you like, Vincenzo episode 2 continues to promote a cool character as we learn the intricacies of the conglomerate and the stakes involved. There’s certainly entertainment value in this series so far.

Additional points
  • At the police station, Mr An tells his superior that he believes Vincenzo fled from Italy to prevent being killed. He reckons he will create a new mafia in Korea. His superior angrily dismisses the idea.
  • Chairman Jang is beaten up by a hockey stick for not getting the construction tower done sooner.
  • Vincenzo tries out more Italian food at the restaurant at the plaza and calls it awful. The chef continues to be offended.
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