Love Alarm season 2, episode 1 recap – the opening chapter explained

By Daniel Hart
Published: March 12, 2021
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Netflix k-drama series Love Alarm season 2, episode 1


Episode 1 brings back everything we loved about this K-Drama series, as the love triangle continues but in an even more complicated world.

This recap of the Netflix k-drama series Love Alarm season 2, episode 1 contains spoilers.

We are back, folks — fans have wanted the return of Love Alarm since 2019, and although it’s only 6 chapters, we can hope for a conclusion this time, maybe?

To begin season 2 of Love Alarm, Kim Jojo attends a lecture, and she notices a leaflet for a marathon. Her friend is impressed with the men in the class. Her friend’s Love Alarm goes off within minutes. After class, Jojo meets Hye-yeong, and her alarm goes off, which makes her smile. While they go for something to eat, Hye-yeong walks in and out of Jojo’s radius so that her alarm keeps going off. It causes an excited commotion to everyone in the cafeteria. He’s promised to make her phone go off ten times a day; he’s also happy because version 2 of the app states that Jojo will love him later in life — interestingly, they are both taking things slow. Later on, as they are about to kiss, the curtain falls on them — surely this is a sign? Season 2 continues this futuristic dating world where an app determines love — something entirely subjective. But how accurate is it?

Sun-oh is still with Yuk-jo

Love Alarm season 2, episode 1 flits to Sun-oh in a photoshoot. He gets suddenly irritated about the app and tells Yuk-jo that he wants to leave. His partner wants him to get a gift for his mother’s birthday, and she recommends flowers. As he looks for an assortment, he gets a bouquet for Yuk-jo. Despite the sweetness between the characters, we will always feel it’s not right between them. Something is off.

Interested in the creator

Gul-mi has a vested interested in the Love Alarm creator Brian Chon, and she rushes out to meet him in public. When she faces him, she’s pushed away by security. She’s completely overawed by the man and believes she has a chance with him. Unfortunately, she’s not part of The Badge Club, so she cannot be in the same circle. When Brian Chon heads inside, he looks at footage of Gul-mi. We have a new potential romance for season 2.

Sun-oh’s mother has a point

Sun-oh continues to have a strained relationship with his parents. Every dinner time with the family is painful to watch. Yuk-jo tries to lighten the situation, but Sun-oh isn’t interested and leaves the table. When Sun-oh is alone, his mother asks her son if Yuk-jo is still not working for him, and she references how much he used to brag about Jojo. Sun-oh is frustrated that his mother is trying to be a “mom” all of a sudden. Despite the tension between mother and son, the conversation spoke truths; Sun-oh cannot get over Jojo.

Gul-mi wants access to The Badge Club

Jojo is part of The Badge Club based on her Instagram page “The Ringing World”. Gul-mi asks if she can use her profile to get in. However, the conversation is short-lived as Gul-mi’s mother walks in and berates her daughter for the money she’s been spending. While on a live stream, she offers to tell her viewers who “The Ringing World” is. It’s interesting how quickly this dynamic has changed; Gul-mi’s mother used to berate Jojo, but now her attention is all on Gul-mi.

Jojo is harassed in a disturbing scene

After work, a man asks Jojo why she doesn’t upload to “The Ringing World” anymore, and he tells her he can help. He grabs her arm and scares her. She runs away from him. After sprinting away, Jojo eventually hides, and the man continues to look for her. Hye-yeong finds her, which makes her jump. This was an awful moment for Jojo, but it doesn’t look like Gul-mi sold her out. Love Alarm season 2, episode 1 shows how scary it can get for women who walk home alone.

Hye-yeong asks Jojo to stay at his place because he’s scared that the man will return. In the middle of the night, Jojo notices her Love Alarm isn’t ringing, but Hye-yeong gets closer to her to make it go off. Jojo is overwhelmed by his care and rushes to hug him from behind. She kisses him on the cheek before saying good night. When she lays down, she wonders if Hye-yeong’s Love Alarm would go off if she didn’t have the shield turned on. She wants to get rid of the shield to find out.

The ending

Jojo is starting to believe that Dok-gu was the developer of Love Alarm and remembers conversations with him when they were younger. When returning to her alma mata, memories of her past come rushing back. She sees the nurses office and remembers walking down this corridor and her Love Alarm going off. Jojo walks into the nurses office and sees Hye-yeong briefly, but then, the person changes to Sun-oh. She’s in trouble! Damn, this love triangle is playing with the viewers to start the second season.

Love Alarm season 2, episode 1 brings back everything we loved about this K-Drama series, as the love triangle continues but in an even more complicated world.

Additional points
  • Jojo and Hye-yeong take loads of photos together, as they maintain this sweet couple look.
  • An excited Gul-mi heads to the police station. She speaks to a developer who is in trouble for faking people’s love alarms.

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