Love Alarm season 2 review – the continuation fans wanted, and it delivers

By Daniel Hart
Published: March 12, 2021
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Netflix k-drama series Love Alarm season 2


The second season of Love Alarm brings a well-curated story of romance, with brilliant performances and a steady pace to be enjoyed.

This review of the Netflix k-drama series Love Alarm season 2 contains no spoilers. 

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After a long wait, fans will be bursting at the seams for the release of Love Alarm season 2. After gracing Netflix in 2019, audiences were screaming for a conclusion to this nerving love triangle that captured imaginations. Love Alarm bases itself in a world where a highly intuitive app can determine who you love, and if that someone has their Love Alarm turned on, it makes a refreshing sound to make them know. In an age of dating apps and algorithms to determine who you should meet next, this Netflix k-drama series has hit a pop culture nerve; striking our vulnerability — knowing full well that in many ways, we are becoming less connected than ever before — where a swipe left/right is an addiction, rather than a worthwhile connection with a friend or romantic interest.

And in many ways, Netflix’s Love Alarm season 2 tackles that dilemma; the success of the application has its pitfalls, and the question of choice and direction of a person is put in the limelight. The series toys with the ideology that love has become too reliant on that refreshing sound when a character realises someone else loves them. Rather than saying “I love you” the “ding” sound is an expression of feeling; it’s a confirmation. Love Alarm season 2 give that Black Mirror vibe, where artificial intelligence becomes an extension of a human being, rather than a utility. The Netflix series is wisely middling on the subject, giving an on-the-fence narrative of technology making our decisions.

This brings us to the enticing love triangle that was left in tatters at the end of season 1. Sun-oh and Hye-yeong have taken part in a cold war over Jojo since their teenager days, and adulthood has heightened the tensions. Ultimately, the second season needs to give a conclusion, but what’s painful for the viewers is that each character is likeable. Usually, love triangles have certainty about who the real couple should be; Love Alarm season 2 cripples the audience with intentional and confusing mixed feelings, mostly provided by Jojo, who has plenty to figure out, outside of her love scape. Whether you are team Jojo and Sun-oh or team Jojo and Hye-yeong, there are arguments for both sides.

The writers carefully build a story that’s not about justifications of one couple over the other. Instead, Love Alarm season 2 explores companionship, love, support and trauma as a basis for any relationship. It explores true choice and raises questions on the viability of the Love Alarm app. The conclusion of season 2 is not meant to be taken to heart, while I expect it will split fans on the writers’ choice. The theme is evidently about love, but not how straightforward it can be, but how complex it can become. And for younger generations that rely on Instagram likes and followers, there’s plenty of food and thought that is laced in this story.

Like season 1, the second season of Love Alarm brings a well-curated story of romance, with brilliant performances and a steady pace to be enjoyed. Viewers can expect to delve into this story with the certainty that the writing is in good hands, and there’s a willingness to ensure that characters are looked after sensibly. There’s no overly compromised character development or plot twists that give you whiplash; this is a truly refreshing drama. While it’s unlikely that there will be a season 3, audiences will be hoping that there’s a similar k-drama series to this level in the future. If you have finished Love Alarm, and you want a follow-up recommendation — try Lovestruck in the City. 

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