Zero Chill season 1, episode 7 recap – what happened in “Triple Threat”?

March 15, 2021
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“Triple Threat” puts friendships on the line as tensions rise and motives are revealed.

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“Triple Threat” puts friendships on the line as tensions rise and motives are revealed.

This recap of Netflix’s Zero Chill season 1, episode 7, “Triple Threat”, contains spoilers.

After that strange hospital chapter, “Triple Threat” opens with Kayla enjoying the ice rink. Elina tells her that she can skate and offers her an opportunity for single skating; however, she turns it down as she is happy skating with Sky. Meanwhile, Mac is still deliberating over his hockey career after admitting he doesn’t want to play anymore.

Mac has a breakdown

Mac isn’t motivated to go on the ice during practice — he tells his father that he cannot go back out there. Anton Hammarstrom is looking for him, but Mac tells his parents that he doesn’t want to play hockey. His parents take him home, which upsets Kayla as she was meant to go shopping with her mother. The story continues to show families not understanding each other and how communication is key.

Bear’s father returns

Sam and Bear are dealing with their father returning. Bear isn’t happy about the return and speaks to Sky about it. Bear doesn’t like that he turns up whenever he wants. At the end of the day, the father admits that he has a lot to make up for but that he’s here now.

New skates

Elina takes Kayla out shopping, and they come across expense skates; Kayla tries them on for fun. In the store, they see Ava and Anton. Elina doesn’t look happy that Ava is trying on skates with her father and offers Kayla to buy her new skates. This family is so conflicted with each other, and Ava sits in the middle of it.

Form is temporary, and class is forever

Mac’s father, Luke, tries to pick his son up. He tells him that he’s forgotten that he loves the sport. Mac is worried that he will never score again, but his father tells him that “form is temporary, class is forever”. Luke talks about the possibility of not making it, but Mac gets irritated at being looked at as a “failure”, and cruelly calls his father one.

Sky helps Mac

Mac confides in Sky about hockey and how he argued with his father about it. He doesn’t want to feel conflicted anymore. Sky tries to comfort him, but Mac goes for a walk on his own. Sky sends Kayla a voice note, asking if they can reschedule their skate. She wants to help Mac to get rid of his curse and get him to score. They enjoy the ice and keep having their odd moments of sexual tension. The story is getting more and more predictable at this point.

Sly Elina

Kayla returns home with new skates, and her mother is annoyed that Elina bought them. She tells her she can’t accept the skates and tells her to take them back. Kayla rings Elina and says she needs to give the skates back. Elina asks her to meet her at the ring.

The ending

Mac and Sky keep practicing, and they end up kissing. Kayla walks into the rink and sees them both, and she walks off crying. Elina has a little smile on her face. Bear is also furious as Sky is his ex, and they argue in front of teammates; Bear accuses him of revealing the teams’ game plan in the Orcas game.

Sky confronts Kayla outside and explains that she was trying to comfort Mac. Kayla tells her not to pretend to be her friend anymore and then rings Elina;  she’s ready to go solo.

Zero Chill season 1, episode 7 puts friendships on the line as tensions rise and motives are revealed.

Additional points
  • Anton Hammarstrom gives his daughter Ava his old hockey stick in the hope that it will inspire her.
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