Get the Goat – the ending explained

By Daniel Hart
Published: March 18, 2021 (Last updated: February 17, 2024)
Get the Goat – the ending explained - Netflix film

This article discusses the ending of the Netflix film Get the Goat, so it will contain major spoilers. 

By the time these cops have got the goat back and unearthed a crime syndicate of drug lords, their main focus is on Zeca Brito, aka The White Glove, a high-up man in politics and hard to get to. However, Trindade and Bruceuilis have a hard time convincing Priscilla (part of the police unit) to get her on board to bring this man down; they believe they have found a date and location of a massive deal between Zeca Brito and other major dealers. This could be a massive scoop.

Netflix’s Get the Goat – the ending explained

Director Vitor Brandt decided to keep it consistent and give the audience an amusing ending.

With Priscilla having their back finally (mainly because Bruceuilis did not turn up to a date, so she was suspicious), Trindade and Bruceuilis infiltrate the building where the criminals are doing their deal. Chaos ensues, and while Trindade hobbles after hobbling Zeca, Bruceuilis has a pathetic fight with Ping Li. Eventually, the fight between Bruceuilis and Ping Li finishes, and the cop makes his way outside.

Zeca pulls out his gun on both Trindade and Bruceuilis, but when he shoots, comically, the goat (that has a bulletproof vest on) gets in the way of the bullet.

What happens next?

Zeca rushes off onto his helicopter; however, when it flies away, it crashes, with an assumption he crashed in the wreckage. The other criminals are arrested. Against all odds, Trindade and Bruceuilis manage to bring down some crime lords using their goofy, questionable, and comedic ways. Also, the goat wins a medal for its bravery at a festival.

There’s no real meaning to the ending of Get the Goat, but it does provide the audience with an amusing finale as the world’s worst cops manage to bring down a crime syndicate during one of their biggest deals.

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