Who Killed Sara? season 1 review – Netflix brings a compelling, revenge-thirsty murder mystery

By Daniel Hart
Published: March 23, 2021 (Last updated: February 17, 2024)
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Brazilian Netflix series Who Killed Sara season 1


Who Killed Sara? brings a layered past and present, regrets and questionable choices that burden each member of a wealthy family.

This review of the Mexican Netflix series Who Killed Sara? season 1 contains no spoilers – the crime thriller will be released on the streaming service on March 24, 2021.

After Sky RojoNetflix seems to be spoiling the masses with crime thrillers in the space of a week. Later in March, we have The Irregulars, but before that, we are treated to the Brazillian series Who Killed Sara?

The reason why Who Killed Sara? works is that there’s a feeling of inevitability about it; the Lazcano family have an air of invincibility about them, but a secret from their past disarms them — it’s deep chink in their armour; their conglomerate of businesses ready to fold from a man that was embedded in prison. The Netflix series brings a crime thriller that teases the audience, while the story painfully teases the characters.

The centrepiece of season 1 is the character Álex, a man who has served jail time for the murder of his sister Sara. However, he has maintained his innocence. The early premises show a boat party with hormonal teenagers; Sara innocently uses the parachute at the back of the boat — little did she know that the rope was tampered with, bringing an almighty fall to her death. As the Lazcano family were worried about the heir to the business, Álex was blamed. Netflix’s Who Killed Sara? brings a layered past and present, regrets and questionable choices that bestow each member of a wealthy family.

The main selling point of the Netflix series is Álex’s determination; his singular approach to his mission, his linear goal to expose and find out the true murderer, makes it a tantalising “whodunit” for the audience. Each chapter is emotionally embroiled by Álex’s goal to seek true justice for his sister. The character is enamoured by his time in prison — the routine of working out daily and suffering the brittleness of being in jail makes an appealing difference between his present and past self. Who Killed Sara? season 1 is a compelling, revenge-thirsty murder mystery.

There are so many other similar series that labor the plot to an unbeatable degree with runtimes, but Who Killed Sara? even gets this right; running at a respectable 40-minutes, the mystery does not sag, it keeps pace, and the progress from the lead character feels like a smooth binge. A series that feels like a chore needs to stop and this production is a benchmark for writing sensibly and maintaining excitement.

With a good mix of action, spy-elements, complex family hierarchy, corruption, and revenge, Who Killed Sara? should be the next hot chat on streaming, so let’s hope the international title brings in enough attention.

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