Who Killed Sara? season 1, episode 4 recap – what happened in “The Monster in the Family”?

March 24, 2021
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“The Monster in the Family” reaches the halfway stage, and it manages to keep the audience enticed with a “whodunnit” storyline in the corrupt family, coupled with sex and drama.

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“The Monster in the Family” reaches the halfway stage, and it manages to keep the audience enticed with a “whodunnit” storyline in the corrupt family, coupled with sex and drama.

This recap of Netflix’s Who Killed Sara? season 1, episode 4, “The Monster in the Family”, contains spoilers.

With the thriller deepening, the Lazcano family are fretting, knowing a single secret could break them all apart. Álex has them all where he wants, and “The Monster in the Family” proves so.

A flashback shows Álex visiting his mother in the hospital; she requires an organ transplant. Álex tells her he needs to leave for a couple of months, but he promises her that he will be back. Cesar has given him assurances that he will only be in prison for a short while. In the courtroom, they saw it as intentional homicide. Chema and Rodolfo looked shocked, while Cesar looked calm. Álex was in great distress as he was dragged away from the court. This was a massive conspiracy against him.

Rodolfo visits Álex

The scene then flits to the present day, with the sex trafficker overlooking his women; they all look scared to be in the same room as him. Álex is looking through bank statements to look at Cesar’s investments, and then Rodolfo shows up. Álex invites him inside, and Rodolfo sees all the photos on the wall. Rodolfo explains that he knows his family failed him and that he’s been forced to live with guilt and regret — he tries to give him money that his father never gave him, but Álex rips up the cheque. Rodolfo asks Álex to leave his stepson alone after he received photos, but Àlex insists he’s left children out of this. As Rodolfo leaves, Álex tells him that Sara was murdered and that there’s a monster in the family making Rodolfo look like a murderer. Side scenes show Chema burning tapes.

“The Monster in the Family” shows how Rodolfo is conflicted between family loyalty and the truth.

Family meeting

And then episode 4 puts all the family together in one room for an intense meeting.

Elisa approaches Cesar and asks if they knew Sara was pregnant when she died. Mariana gets frustrated and states that she is tired of her children blaming her and the father. Rodolfo then enters the conversation and explains that he did not murder Sara, and someone cut the ropes on purpose. He no longer believes that it was an accident and thinks the harness was tampered with. Rodolfo believes it must be a family member as no-one else had access to the boat or the parachute. Mariana reveals she cleaned the boat the night before and neatly folded the parachute and it was not cut. We know she’s lying about something because we saw her throw away the knife in a flashback.

Elisa wants a chance

Who Killed Sara? season 1, episode 4 sees Elisa not giving up on Álex; her romantic intentions and curiosity for the truth could land her in danger.

Elisa visits Álex and explains that she had never heard his name before until recently and wants him to put himself in her shoes. She wants to help him and promises that no-one knows that she’s at his house. She admits she doesn’t trust her family. He gives her a small chance, and before she leaves, she kisses him.

The sauna

Rodolfo is in the sauna, and the temperature gauge increases dramatically, and he cannot get out. Someone has blocked the door. Rodolfo is getting desperate as the sauna gets too hot and he falls unconscious. Finally, he’s found by Elroy who gives him water. But who did this to Rodolfo — it seems unlikely to be Álex. At this point, we can only assume it was a family member of an acquaintance.

Imara asks Bruno for help

Cesar shows Bruno the area where the trafficked women are. He introduces him to a woman named Imara and explains how she’s going to teach him “how to be a man”. When Bruno is alone with Imara, he tells her he doesn’t want to continue and tells her he will tell Cesar that he went along with it. Imara asks Bruno for help.

The ending

Chema tells Lorenzo that he wants Clara to be their surrogate but his boyfriend isn’t sure. Chema explains that Clara is like a sister to her and it would stop all the bullsh*t processes. He seduces Lorenzo, encouraging him to say yes.

Elisa arranges a meeting with Ortega for Álex to prove her worth — he has vital information. The man shows up, but as he’s about to greet Álex, he’s run over. Elroy ran the man over.

Who Killed Sara? season 1, episode 4 reaches the halfway stage, and it manages to keep the audience enticed with a “whodunit” storyline in the corrupt family, coupled with sex and drama.

Additional points
  • Mariana visits church and talks to the priest about her conscience; she’s afraid that one of her children is about to make a mistake and she fears the consequences.
  • In a flashback, Cesar tells Sara that he’s glad she’s come to visit, especially because she’s beautiful.
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