A Week Away ending explained – do Will and Avery end up together?

March 26, 2021
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This article discusses the ending of the Netflix film A Week Away, so it will contain major spoilers. 

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Throughout the story of A Week Away, Will Hawkins has to remove his bad-boy image and embrace the god-loving summer camp while also exploring the possibility of a romance with Avery. That comes with challenges, but fortunately, his friend George has his back, even pretending to be his cousin. Will Hawkins helps George become a more confident teenage boy, while George helps Will navigate the camp’s religious experience. As the Netflix film progresses, it’s apparent that Will and Avery have feelings for each other. There’s always a highly competitive nature about the camp, with everyone split up into teams.

Netflix’s A Week Away – the ending explained

Sean, one of the teens at the camp, learns about Will’s past with vandalism and other petty crimes. He knows that Will is fronting a different image, so he fits in, and believes he is deceiving everyone. The audience can also suspect that Sean is jealous of Will’s friendship with Avery, so he is attempting to force Will off the camp so that he’s no longer a problem. Sean is also competitive and wants his team to win at the camp. In a nutshell, Will is seen as a threat.

So Sean does what he feels will benefit him and tells Avery the truth about Will; however, by the time she finds out, Will has already left the camp, fearing that the truth will only hurt those he has bonded with. Desperate to speak to Will, Avery heads out in her father’s truck to find Will.

She finds him walking on the road and tells him that she doesn’t care about his past or who he is and that God loves him. Will questions where God was for him when he lost his parents and insists that he’s had no-one all his life. Avery tries her best to stop Will from walking away in an emotional moment, but Will lies to Avery and insists that everything that happened between them meant nothing. Avery gives up and leaves Will alone, but she gives him a photo that reminds him of his time at the camp before she does.

What happens next?

With team competition coming to a close at the camp, the teams are prepping themselves for the final challenge. Everyone is downbeat that Avery could not convince Will to stay; however, predictably, Will returns and tells Avery that he lied — everything that happened between them meant something. Avery kisses him, and the night continues. Will and Avery end up together in the end.

As the film ends, Sean apologises to Will, George and Presley suggest a romance between them and Will learns that he will be moving in with George’s family.

Everyone is happy in the end.

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