Invincible season 1, episode 2 recap – what happened in “Here Goes Nothing”?

March 26, 2021
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“Here Goes Nothing” sees Mark get accustomed to the superhero life as the story continues to flesh out this universe with an expansion of characters.

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“Here Goes Nothing” sees Mark get accustomed to the superhero life as the story continues to flesh out this universe with an expansion of characters.

This recap of Amazon original Invincible season 1, episode 2, “Here Goes Nothing”, contains spoilers.

Now that Mark has got superhero powers, he quickly gets accustomed to a new life, but “Here Goes Nothing” sees it being a bigger challenge than he thought. Plus, we are introduced to a new enemy while Omni-Man is out of action.

“Here Goes Nothing” opens up with Steve with his stepson outside of Buckingham Palace. Suddenly a burger lands on them, and the kid calls Steve “Dad”, which makes him emotional. The scene then flits to Darkwing’s base, and medics can see the casualties that have occurred; however, Omni-Man is alive. Meanwhile, Debbie misses her husband and solemnly gets on with her day. Her son Mark tells her not to worry, but then she learns that Omni-Man is an advanced hospital.

An interdimensional attack on the City

Omni-Man is in a bad place in the hospital; Cecil Stedman tells them that they suspect an ambush is what killed The Guardians of the Globe. Mark then hears there’s an attack on the city, so with his father out of action, he heads over. It’s an interdimensional attack, with an army of aliens walking through a portal. He struggles, but then teenage superheroes come to rescue the day; Atom Eve, Rex, Dupli-Kate, and Robot take care of things. Mark returns to the hospital with a badly wounded civilian, and he’s emotional; he wanted to be like his father. Episode 2 shows a character suddenly realizing the task at hand.

Superheroes at the same school

At school, Mark sees Eve (Atom Eve) — he thanks her for saving him, and it dawns her that he’s “Invincible”. The pair talk in private; Eve explains that no-one recognizes her at school. Mark puts himself down, stating he froze at the fight, but Eve tells him that it’s normal at first. Mark expected being a superhero would be different. Eve asks Mark to meet her team (Teen Team) after school.

The aliens return

Mark checks out the Teen Team’s base. They all introduce themselves. Robot talks about the aliens (the Flaxons) and the likelihood of a threat. Later on, the Flaxons return, and Teen Team are alerted. Robot notices how the aliens have managed to resist the difference in time structure, so they are not aging. Teen Team fights them again. Invincible, Robot and Eve end up trapped by the aliens. As Eve is about to be killed, Invincible finds new strength and saves her. Invincible season 1, episode 2 shows how Mark’s powers can be intrinsically linked to emotions.

Robot realizes that the robots are wearing wristbands that help them resist the time difference, so Teen Team focuses on the bands to kill them. The aliens once again run back through the portal. Afterward, Rex gives Invincible a backhanded compliment, and Eve stocks up for him; the series suggests a romance is brewing, despite Eve being in a relationship with Rex.

Omni-Man recovers

Invincible returns to the hospital to see his father in a better state of health and can return home. As they leave, Mark learns the woman he saved and brought to the hospital died — it’s a sobering moment for the lead character.

Meeting the evaluation officer for the coalition of planets

When Nolan gets home, Cecil Stedman warns him that a martian enemy is returning from Mars. Mark offers to take on the enemy instead. Mark enters space and fights the martian. Eventually, they stop fighting on the moon. The martian explains that he’s an evaluation officer for the coalition of planets — he realizes he’s checking out the wrong planet and introduces himself as Allen (voiced by Seth Rogen) before leaving.

At school, Todd apologizes to Mark for bullying him and asks him if he wants Amber’s phone number — Amber has blackmailed Todd over photos. The aliens return, so Teen Team head to the city. Robot believes that the aliens are too advanced and recommends a nuclear response as the city is lost. However, Teen Team refuses to give up. Invincible ends up getting beaten badly, but then his father, Omni-Man, saves him. Teen Team learns that Omni-Man is Mark’s father. Omni-Man ends up going into one of the alien portals, and he continues attacking them in their own dimension.

The ending

Later on, Omni-Man returns home. Suddenly, on the news, it’s been reported that The Guardians of the Globe are dead. Damien Darkblood updates Cecil Stedman and tells him that it must have been one of the guardians responsible for the attack. Cecil Stedman refuses to believe it.

Invincible season 1, episode 2 sees Mark get accustomed to the superhero life as the story continues to flesh out this universe with an expansion of characters.

Additional points
  • Robot and Cecil Stedman check out the interdimensional attack; they figure out that the aliens retreated because they were dying of old age.
  • At Darkwing’s place, Damien Darkblood is investigating the attack on The Guardians of the Globe. He suspects foul play.
  • Amber seems jealous of Mark and Eve.
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