We Children from Bahnhof Zoo season 1, episode 1 recap – the opening chapter explained

By Daniel Hart
Published: April 9, 2021
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Amazon series We Children from Bahnhof Zoo season 1, episode 1 - Puppies


Episode 1 enjoys introducing the characters and their problems, but it’s a standard chapter to begin the story — we don’t really learn anything vital.

This recap of Amazon’s We Children from Bahnhof Zoo season 1, episode 1, “Puppies”, contains spoilers.

The first episode of We Children from Bahnhof Zoo is an opportunity to embed the characters as there is quite a few of them, all holding their burdens in the world.

To begin proceedings, episode 1 starts on a fancy plane. The passengers are enjoying the bar. David Bowie is enjoying a drink, but he’s nervous about the landing. Christiane tells him to calm down because she’s immortal. It then flits to 10 years earlier — Christiane is getting ready for the day. Her father Robert heads over to the apartment and tries apologising to her mother Karin with a bunch of roses. Christiane asks them for money so she can get a travel ticket, but Robert states he can give it her tomorrow.

There’s something about Stella

Talking of immortal, we can see why Christianne thinks that early on.

When Christiane enters the lift, it breaks and she crashes to the ground floor. When she tells the class, the students laugh at her but Stella tells everyone to be quiet. Christiane is curious about Stella who is popping bubble gum. Outside she joins Stella for a smoke and she’s infatuated by a man (Mitze) that joins them. However, she isn’t smoking, so she isn’t allowed to be part of the social group.

Stella has an issue with her mother

Stella spends time with her family at a restaurant — she’s irked when her mother Nati orders an alcoholic drink; she clearly wants her to be sober and storms off. Christiane sees Stella at the train station and asks if she’d like a smoke — this is her way to befriend Stella. After the smoke, Stella returns to the family now that she’s calmed down.

Nati enjoys a “welcome back” party later and she sings for everyone.

Meeting Axel

At the train station, Christiane touches a boy’s hair randomly, which demonstrates her utmost confidence — his name is Axel. She apologises, stating how she likes his hair and the pair small talk. Axel attends a job interview and helps out a master locksmith open a box. He asks for a chance to work. When he joins work, he makes friends with Benno.

We Children from Bahnhof Zoo season 1, episode 1 makes a habit of interlinking the characters quickly.

An expensive vet

Looking after a pet is difficult and can be financially excruciating.

Michi and Benno take a dog to the vets and it’s going to cost a lot of money to pay for the medical expenses. They are worried about how to get the money. Benno tells Michi he can enter the gay scene and make some money by selling himself sexually. Benno takes Michi’s advice and manages to get the money to help his dog, however, the vet tells him it’s too late as his dog’s heart is too weak. I would be fuming!

A lost Babsi

Each character appears to be elusive, but this one is probably the most mysterious one of them all.

We are introduced to another character named Babsi — she asks her father Tristan if he knows what it’s like to drown. The character appears down and lost within herself — her grandmother tried to send her away — moments later in the series, she tries to get run over by a car. The driver is Dijan and he stops. She asks him to take her with him. In earlier scenes we saw Dijan dig a grave for a body. Dijan drops her off home and she asks him if they will ever see each other again. When Babsi gets to her house, she sneaks back into her room and plays a cassette she stole from Dijan’s car. She can hear a woman on the tape screaming. She flips it over and hears music.

The ending

Christiane joins Stella for a cigarette the next day, and Stella is on about going to the club SOUND. Matze invites Christiane. There’s a tension between them — they clearly fancy each other.

Later at SOUND, Benno buys drugs off a dealer. Christiane arrives, and she sees Axel and talks to him. Axel introduces Christiane to Michi. Benno comes over with the drugs. The police arrive and take Babsi home.

Christiane heads into SOUND with Axel, however, the bouncer tells her she can’t go in. Mitze saves her and tells the bouncer that she’s his girlfriend. Christiane consumes herself in the music and atmosphere while dancing — she’s found her world. Meanwhile, in the police car, the officer tells Babsi that her grandmother is worried about her.

There’s a sense of outlet amongst the teenagers as they enjoy the music.

We Children from Bahnhof Zoo season 1, episode 1 enjoys introducing the characters and their problems, but it’s a standard chapter to begin the story — we don’t really learn anything vital.

Additional points
  • Karin is having an affair with her boss.
  • Axel is a heroin user.
  • Robert brings home a new dog, and Karin isn’t best pleased at first, but she comes around to it. He wants to get into the breeding service and takes his family to a place the next day. Robert, Christiane and Karin watch as a man helps collect s***n from their dog.

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