We Children from Bahnhof Zoo season 1, episode 3 recap – what happened in “Bowie”?

By Daniel Hart
Published: April 9, 2021
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Amazon series We Children from Bahnhof Zoo season 1, episode 3 - Bowie


Episode 3 shows the chaotic behaviour between the teens evolving as they continue to discover the world they can create.

This recap of Amazon’s We Children from Bahnhof Zoo season 1, episode 3, “Bowie”, contains spoilers.

It was a shit Christmas last episode, but this chapter opens up with Christiane having her first period. Stella welcomes her “to the club”. Günther gives Christiane some jeans as he cleans up the blood. Afterwards, it’s revealed that Christiane and Benno have become good friends. Axel is excited for Christiane coming over to his place, knowing that she and Matze are over. Benno tells Axel that David Bowie is coming to town, and he’s super excited. The drug use continues, with Michi well in the deep with heroin.

Maybe next time Axel

The next day, Axel wants to show Christiane the two tickets he has for Bowie, but then he sees her and Benno walking with each other — he feels that once again he’s lost his chance, but this time to a friend. As Benno and Christiane eat dinner, he introduces himself to Christiane’s mother, Karin. The mother wants to know more about their romance, but Christiane insists they are just friends. When Karin brings up “the pill”, Christiane tells her mother that there’s no way she’d have a baby she didn’t want.

There’s plenty of tension between Christiane and her mother — the daughter feels betrayed that her mother didn’t want the baby and her father leaving. Karin explains she couldn’t have handled having another child with a man-child. The theme of dysfunctional families paving the way for these teens for a certain brand of lifestyle continues.

A group that gets more and more chaotic.

The group of characters enjoy the SOUND club again — a place where all their social inhibitions trigger the rest of the night. When Christiane arrives, she asks Axel where Benno is, but he gives her a sarcastic answer — when Christiane finds Benno he looks close to another girl as they fiddle with drugs — she’s hurt once again. Benno is curious about heroin and takes it himself. The next day, Axel takes heroin at work, and a colleague finds him. His boss confronts him about it and tells him to stop. Axel tells him it won’t happen again, and he promises.

As the series progresses, the drugs are starting to impact the characters’ lives deeply.

The father is full of a shit

Christiane meets her father, Robert. He tells her about moving to Thailand for work he has to do. As he talks, she zones out and eventually tells him that everything he’s talking about is bullshit before storming off. Christiane heads to a park and cries.

Günther asks Stella to be his wife

In the evening, Günther gets on his knees and tells Stella he’s never met anyone like her — he asks her to be his wife. He states he wants to take care of her. Stella calls Günther, her big boy and kisses him.

This is an extremely creepy moment.

Getting into the concert

The episode returns to the SOUND club. Christiane heads over to Axel, and she asks if he has any drugs. He tells her he has quit — he explains that he has two tickets to David Bowie. After SOUND, the group are together again, and they infiltrate the David Bowie concert. As they run and evade the police, Michi kisses Benno. Michi then ends up in the bathroom, and he urinates next to David Bowie — he’s in complete shock to be next to a star. Meanwhile, Axel tells Benno that he thinks Christiane is into him.

The ending

The concert starts, but Christiane enters David Bowie’s dressing room and sits in it. She looks like she’s had an epiphany as she looks at herself in the mirror. A hooded person comes up to her with a tray and injects her with heroin. She takes in the high.

We Children from Bahnhof Zoo season 1, episode 3 shows the chaotic behaviour between the teens evolving as they continue to discover the world they can create.

Additional points
  • Axel gets a promotion at work.

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