Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! season 1 review – there’s nothing unique about this sitcom

By Daniel Hart
Published: April 14, 2021 (Last updated: 3 days ago)
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Netflix series Dad Stop Embarrassing Me season 1


There’s nothing unique about Dad Stop Embarrassing Me!

This review of Netflix’s Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! season 1 contains no spoilers. The sitcom was released on the streaming service on April 14, 2021.

You can tell Netflix is balling in that money as it continues to attach itself to big names. Next up on the streaming service is Jamie Foxx’s sit-com Dad Stop Embarrassing Me!, where the singer/actor plays various characters for the audience’s amusement.

Following Brian Dixon (played by Jamie Foxx), the story presents a scenario of a flakey, inexperienced father that has landed with his daughter permanently after the death of her mother. The first episode tries to instil that Brian has embraced immaturity, as his daughter recalls the time she saw him in bed with a “thot”. Netflix’s Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! platforms a father-daughter relationship ready to evolve and transform using the usual tropes of family sit-coms.

With Jamie Foxx surfacing more than one character, this feels like a fun project for him rather than the audience. There are remnants of him trying to replicate Eddie Murphy in his classic days, but he ends up laughing with himself rather than making the audience last. While there are jokes, they are needlessly on the surface, simple and predictable — the American actor & singer may have found himself a flop.

But I am sure some will be swayed by the vibe of Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! season 1. Sasha (played by Kyla-Drew) does well to form an on-stage bond with Brian — audiences will be endeared of a father-daughter relationship willing to give it a try. I’m sure many will find this content relatable and will find warmth and amusement in the story.

However, this is a significant point — there are many sitcoms like this created throughout the year and every year. And for it to be a staple sitcom, something special needs to come out of it. There’s nothing unique about Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! Last month, Country Comfort arrived, and that was chewed out, and that was a sitcom I liked. This industry is hella competitive.

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