Invincible season 1, episode 6 recap – what happened in “YOU LOOK KINDA DEAD”?

By Daniel Hart
Published: April 16, 2021
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Amazon original Invincible season 1, episode 6 - YOU LOOK KINDA DEAD


Episode 6 cools the story down slightly after an extra-violent chapter, but that doesn’t mean Mark has any rest with his superhero and personal life. The story is really coming to life with each chapter passing.

This recap of Amazon original Invincible season 1, episode 6, “YOU LOOK KINDA DEAD”, contains spoilers.

After that hectic end in episode 5, “YOU LOOK KINDA DEAD”, shows a group of female students being approached by an arrogant male student (Doug) who claims his father owns half the university. As the students walk away from him, the student is injected from behind. When he wakes up, the male student is told he is going to go through a metamorphosis. Suddenly, he realises he has a mechanical arm and screams, so the person who kidnapped him rips out his vocal cords.

That’s a lovely, gruesome start to this sixth chapter.

Emergency surgery

Episode 6 then moves to the aftermath of the last chapter. On the operating table, Amanda transforms into Monster Girl. Robot walks in to help the wounded superheroes. The surgeons have no idea what they are dealing with in terms of genetics. A worried Nolan and Debbie arrive to check up on Mark.

Waking up and solving his relationship

Episode 6 proves that Mark has other priorities on his mind and not his near-death experience.

Mark wakes up six days later, and he’s worried that he missed Amber’s soup kitchen night — Eve tells him she handled it for him. Debbie tells Mark that what happened isn’t his fault. Straight from the hospital, Mark is apologetic to Amber — he asks if they can start over. She accepts his proposal. Before going on a trip with a friend (William) and Amber to Upstate University, Mark thanks Eve for her help. Eve tells Mark that she’s ready to use her powers for good rather than fighting.

Touring the University

On the way to Upstate University, William talks about a friend named Rick that they are meeting, and he hypes him up. When they arrive, Rick welcomes them. There is a missing person poster on campus for a “Doug”. In a lecture, Sinclair is passionate about making use of machines rather than human biology. It’s clear at this point that Sinclair is the real villain of the chapter.

The cyborg

And it seems Mark cannot get a rest at all — despite having a break, his break involves work. Invincible season 1, episode 6 shows how he cannot balance his life at all.

Later on, there’s an explosion at the university, and a half-human/ half-machine starts to attack students. The villain appears to be conflicted and struggling — it’s Doug after his transformation. Mark walks away and puts his costume on so he can be Invincible and fights the villain. Eventually, he defeats him. William knows Mark is Invincible, but Mark tells him to be quiet. Amber is furious that Mark was absent during the attack — she feels Mark left her in a dangerous position. Afterwards, it’s revealed that Sinclair is making these hybrid machines. He has his eyes on Rick.

Mark cannot seem to find a consistent romance with Amber — maybe being a superhero isn’t all cracked up to what it’s meant to be?

Debbie’s investigation

Debbie meets Art privately about his findings on her husband’s bloody costume. All the DNA points to the superheroes that died and that Nolan struck first. Meanwhile, Nolan is spying on her — he knows his wife is looking into him.

Later on, Nolan has some beers with Art, who appears very nervous.

Sinclair captures new targets

Episode 6 soon turns into Invincible, having to save the day again.

William believes Rick has gone missing and wants Mark to help; however, he wants to find Amber first, who has majorly fallen out with him. Meanwhile, Amber is at a frat party, and she is getting close to a guy on the balcony. Mark gets a phone call from William, and he sounds distressed; he’s been captured by Sinclair. Invincible ends up in the sewage system, and he’s fighting two robot/human hybrids. One of them is Rick. As Sinclair starts to cut into William, Rick starts to feel emotional — his human side sways him. He helps them out, and they chase down Sinclair. Cecil arrives and arrests Sinclair.

The ending

Nolan returns home to see his wife emotional and drunk; she asks why he killed the Guardians of the Globe. He denies doing anything and says she is drunk. Debbie walks up to Nolan and says, “f**k you”, and goes to bed.

In the epilogue, two make teens are digging up an “Immortal”. Suddenly, the Mauler Twins show up.

Invincible season 1, episode 6 cools the story down slightly after an extra-violent chapter, but that doesn’t mean Mark has any rest with his superhero and personal life. The story is really coming to life with each chapter passing.

Additional points
  • Eve is still at odds with her parents. She decides to travel the world and help people rather than fight villains.
  • Black Samson recovers in the hospital.
  • Amanda wakes up in the hospital, and Robot tells her they won. Robot is forming an attachment with her.

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