Shadow and Bone season 1, episode 2 recap – “We’re All Someone’s Monster”

By Daniel Hart
Published: April 23, 2021
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Netflix series Shadow and Bone season 1, episode 2 - We're All Someone's Monster


Episode 2 continues to build the characters and the world as we learn more about motives and what’s truly at stake.

This recap of Netflix’s Shadow and Bone season 1, episode 2, “We’re All Someone’s Monster”, contains spoilers.

There’s something about Alina, and that “something” is explored more in chapter 2.

“We’re All Someone’s Monster” opens with Forich telling younger children about a test they must take to determine who they are; he venomously tells a younger Mal that they do not do tests for the “sick and injured”. A younger Alina grabs Mal, and they hide from their teacher — Mal asks Alina, “don’t you want to know if you are Grisha?” In the present, Mal is given medical attention. Alina wakes up, and Zoya sends her to General Kirigan’s tent. The opening scenes tell the audience that Alina was never tested.

Alina is tested

General Kirigan asks Alina, “what are you?”. She insists she’s a mapmaker. Zoya describes how she saw a “searing light” from Alina that fended off the Volcra. Kirigan wants to test her as he thinks she’s the Sun Summoner. Mal learns that Kirigan is about to test Alina and rushes to the tent. When Kirigan tests her, amber flaming energy divides them and emanates through the tent. That’s what all the promotional images are about.

Inej resists / Pekka threatens

Shadow and Bone season 1, episode 2 does not forget about our slippery Kaz though, who is still prepping to cross the Fold.

He and Inej argue about the mission. Inej has reservations about crossing over. However, Kaz is soon captured by Pekka, who threatens to kill him if he takes the job. Kaz finds a woman who went through the Fold unscathed. She tells him about the Conductor who helped them through in a special transport; she feels a stage performer named Poppy at Emerald Palace may be able to help.

Alina is off to Little Palace

Back to Alina, who has been grabbed from the army and thrust into a new world that she wasn’t aware she was a part of.

General Kirigan wants Alina to go to Little Palace immediately. Alina wants to see Mal and tries to resist. She’s thrown into a carriage, and Mal sees her ride off. He chases after her. Zoya tells Mal that Alina will be in good hands. In the carriage, she’s told that Ravka has waited for her — she’s a myth, and they feel that if the legend is true, they won’t need high walls to protect them anymore.

Suddenly, the transport escort is attacked. One of the attackers grab Alina and take her from the carriage, but she is saved by General Kirigan, who uses impressive powers. She rides on horseback with him. Kirigan tells her they were attacked by the Drüskelle, elite members of the Fjerdan military trained to infiltrate deep behind their lines and kill and kidnap Grisha. Alina is more concerned about how his powers sliced them in half. Kirigan explains “The Cut” is only something a Summoner can do. Kirigan believes the enemy is looking for her because she’s the first of their kind — there’s a belief she could destroy the Fold.

Alina doesn’t want the responsibility and is scared of her powers. She admits she hid from the tests as a child. Kirigan calls her a Grisha and states that she is not alone.

Meanwhile, Mal learns about the ambush on Alina’s escort and wants to gather his people to help her. He’s told that she’s not worth the risk until the King tells them so.

Kaz and Inej’s priorities clash

“We’re All Someone’s Monster” is slowly building up scenarios where our lead characters end up in the same spot — it’s tentatively written, keeping everything as a subplot. At the same time, Alina’s story takes centre stage.

Inej is told to kill a man by Tante Heleen immediately, and if she does it, their business will end. She’s obviously compromised by this woman. Inej asks Jesper to do it for her. This man happens to be the Conductor, and Inej believes killing him will be her route to freedom.

Kaz meets Poppy and wants help to find the Conductor. She knows he is competing with Pekka for the mission — Kaz learns that Tante Heleen asked Poppy about the Conductor as well. Kaz realises that the Conductor will be in trouble. When Kaz gets to the Conductor, Inej is ready to kill him, and he reveals her boss Tante Heleen did this to sabotage their mission. He tells her that the Conductor is worth way more alive. Kaz asks the Conductor to get them to the Little Palace.

The ending

Kirigan and Alina make it to the Little Palace. He assures her she is safe. She’s taken to her suite, and she breaks down and sobs.

Kaz tells Tante Heelen that he’s taken Inej with him and when he returns, he’ll settle with her — he gives her collateral in the meantime — The Crow Club that he owns. They shake hands on it. As the episode ends, Alina and Mal miss each other greatly. They are not used to being apart.

Shadow and Bone season 1, episode 2 continues to build the characters and the world as we learn more about motives and what’s truly at stake.

Additional points
  • Inej believes that Kaz wants revenge on Pekka.

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