Shadow and Bone season 1, episode 4 recap – “Otkazat’sya”

April 23, 2021
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Netflix series Shadow and Bone season 1, episode 4


Episode 4 continues to platform three separate journeys as the characters serve their purpose and learn their own truths. The series is doing well to merge the stories so far without convoluting the objectives.

This recap of Netflix’s Shadow and Bone season 1, episode 4, “Otkazat’sya”, contains spoilers.

One of the main strengths of this story is the absence that can be felt between Alina and Mal because they are apart. The series has done a good job in providing that impact to the audience. “Otkazat’sya” show story arcs crossing, with The Crows hamming their plans on the sidelines.

Mal writes Alina a letter as he hasn’t heard from her; he’s on a dangerous tracking mission. He’s torn by how much he misses her, and every day he doesn’t hear from her makes him more anxious. If he and his companions find a famous mythical stag, they will be treated to an invitation to the Little Palace. Of course, Mal accepts the mission, knowing this brings him closer to Alina.

Heading out with the General

Episode 4 will have audiences frustrated as Kirigan and Alina grow closer with each other.

Alina heads out on the horses with Kirigan — the general tells her to call him Aleksander. Kirigan reminds her that this is the real her. They talk about The Black Heretic that caused the Fold hundreds of years ago, and Alina fears becoming the new heretic. Kirigan vows to be by her side and assures her that will not be the case.

It’s heist time

In Kribirsk, East Ravka, The Crows enjoy food and drink and remember how they crossed the Fold. Kaz wants to find a way into the Little Palace — it’s heist time in Shadow and Bone season 1, episode 4. Kaz puts together a plan to get into the Royal archives. They need to get into the repository box to find blueprints for the Little Palace.

Nina is still captured

Kirigan wants Heartrender Nina found after she went missing during a mission. Nina is still captured on a ship by the Drùskelle. They want to know about the Grisha. One of the attackers (Matthias) has a unique interest in her. Nina refuses to eat because she doesn’t want to be a traitor. Nina and Matthias will form some allegiance — there’s something between them.

Baghra is not satisfied

“Otkazat’sya” sees progress for Alina as she learns more about her powers.

She continues to see Bahgra, who is not satisfied and wants more from her. Alina believes once Mal gets to the Little Palace, she will figure it out.

When she meets the Baghra again, her powers grow stronger. The powers take Alina to a memory where she and Mal plan to run away together to avoid the testers. Mal had an injury, so he couldn’t be tested. Alina made sure she was already in pain, so her powers were not revealed; that’s how the tests detect Grisha — in the present, Alina states that she didn’t want to be separated from Mal. Baghra tells Alina to bring the light and face the truth.

Later on, Alina meets Kirigan; the man is emotional about how much blood has been spilt since the emergence of the Fold. Alina touches his hand, knowing he’s the amplifier to bring the light. She tells him he’s not alone, but as he gets closer, she leaves the room. Feeling the burden on her shoulders, Alina meets Baghra and amplifies her powers herself. She’s slowly learning who she is, but as we learn later on in the episode, it’s at the expense of her relationship with Mal.

Performing their way into the Little Palace

The Conductor introduces the Crows to Marko, the leader of the travelling troupe known as the Pomdrakon Players — they’ve been invited to perform at the Little Palace — they need someone to fill in and perform. Inej auditions and does some impressive gymnastic routines. Jesper also proves he has a talent.

The ending

While out looking for the mythical stag, Mal and his crew are attacked by soldiers. Mal is hit by strong firepower. Flashbacks show Mal at the start of his army days. He looks for Alina; he learns she’s in prison, so he purposefully finds a reason to get arrested so he can be near her. In the present, Mal wakes up, and he shoots two soldiers to get himself out. His companions are dead. However, Mal soon finds the Stag and narrates that Alina is his ” Truth North”. Meanwhile, Alina has her scar removed from her hand — it’s from the wound when she purposefully hurt herself for the test. She’s removing her history, but sadly, it also means she’s leaving her past with Mal behind.

Shadow and Bone season 1, episode 4 continues to platform three separate journeys as the characters serve their purpose and learn their own truths. The series is doing well to merge the stories so far without convoluting the objectives.

Additional points
  • Zoya has been sent away from the Little Palace after her attack on Alina.

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