Pet Stars season 1 review – giving animals the social media limelight

By Daniel Hart
Published: April 30, 2021
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Netflix series Pet Stars season 1


You will be swayed by the goofy, feel-good aspect of this series that aims to put animals on the stage.

Netflix series Pet Stars season 1 was released on the streaming service on April 30, 2021.

If anything, Pet Stars proves that anyone can be an influencer — I’ve always wondered when we would be graced by a reality show based on our pets. This Netflix series puts talent management company Pets on Q on the spot, allowing animal owners to show off their skills. It’s a weird concept if you think about it; how many times have you seen a couple make an Instagram account for their dog and making the animal seem human? This is like that but on steroids.

But if you like animals, you will be swayed by the goofy, feel-good aspect of this series that aims to put animals on the stage. There’s plenty of enthusiasm as the series documents a company doing everything they can to platform people’s pets. At easy 30-minutes chunks, Pet Stars season 1 gives the audience bizarre accounts of the biggest animal influencers on social media.

From the World’s Ugliest Dog Contest to auditions and a surf dog contest, there’s plenty of variety in this 5-chapter reality series. On the flip side, it does feel like a bottom-of-the-barrel concept. While we understand that animal owners try and live their lives vicariously through their pets, it does feel slightly cheap — there’s money to be made in this industry.

And on the other hand, Netflix’s Pet Stars forms the discussion of how much reality TV is willing to go; we are blessed with so many shows from this category that the question is, “what’s next?”. What other industry can we take advantage of and turn into a reality show? It’s not going to end, is it?

But fear not, there’s no harm in Pet Stars (I think), and if you are looking for a little lift-me-up, then this series will surely have you smiling on both corners.

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