Vincenzo episode 19 recap – Jang Han-seok gets revenge and shoots [spoiler]

By Daniel Hart
Published: May 1, 2021
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Netflix k-drama series Vincenzo episode 19


We expected nothing less — Vincenzo episode 19 is a thrilling penultimate chapter that brings all the elements together for the final episode. Audiences are going to truly miss these characters.

This recap of Netflix k-drama series Vincenzo episode 19 contains significant spoilers.

What a thrilling ten weeks Vincenzo has been — nobody wants this series to end; it’s been creative, imaginative, and brilliant from start to finish at a whopping 20 episodes. But here we are, folks — the penultimate chapters; let’s recap.

We never really thought that Vincenzo would leave his family in Korea behind. He comes back in time to save the residents at the plaza, partaking in a good fight scene against Mr. Kim’s men. Eventually, Vincenzo is beaten by a pole, but the Cassano family turns up to help the cause — it turns into an even cooler fight scene, with the production team showing off at this point — episode 19, the penultimate chapter, is not messing around.

But what about the gold?

Of course, amongst the madness, it’s easy to forget about the gold that’s become secondary to the story — it’s crazy to think that the first four chapters were consumed by this neediness to get into the basement. It almost feels irrelevant now.

Mr. Kim admits he underestimated Vincenzo — Mr. Cho tells the Italian lawyer that Mr. Kim is Park Seung-jun’s right-hand man. When Mr. Kim tries to organize a deal with Vincenzo, Cha-young knocks him unconscious. The residents tell Vincenzo that he is a good reason for them to fight — it’s a community that’s gone from strength to strength since the first episode. They are the mafia now. As for the gold, flashbacks reveal that Vincenzo worked with the monks to move the gold — he asked Mi-ri to hack into the vault and offered a share. The monks helped move the gold little by little every day until the basement was clear. Mr. Cho asks Vincenzo about the Guillotine file, but the Italian lawyer tells him he will explain where the time is right (surely this will be important in the finale).

Compliments are traded

Despite an episode away from season 1 finishing, the romance continues to be teased to the viewers.

Vincenzo tells Cha-young that he sorted the problem back at home by sending 80 million euros. Cha-young expresses that she is relieved that he stayed — she’s happy. She describes how good he looked in a suit at a party they both attended. Vincenzo offers back compliments to torture the viewers even further.

Later on, Cha-young talks about the day Vincenzo finally needs to leave the country. Vincenzo promises her that he will come back.

The trial against Babel Tower is delayed

Episode 19 shows Choi Myung-hee use one last throw of the dice to stop the charges against Babel Group — you can sense she believes she’s running out of time.

Vincenzo and Cha-young receive a letter from the District Court stating that because the case against Babel Tower is likely to cause a smear campaign against a presidential candidate, the trial will be delayed. They learn that Prosecutor Jung was the one that helped delay the trial. Later on, Choi Myung-hee receives a legal statement that the trial is unlikely to cause a smear campaign, and it will be resumed. Vincenzo and his group used the Guillotine file to gain leverage to get the trial back on track. The cold war between lawyers continues to be fascinating.

Afterward, Vincenzo pretends to be a driver and puts himself in the driving seat of the District Court judge’s car. He drives him somewhere discreet. The politician is absolutely terrified. Vincenzo tells him not to extend Jang Han-seok’s sentence and threatens him.

The trial between Babel Group and the Plaza

It’s been a long time since we saw the lawyers in the courtroom (remember the shenanigans of the first one?), but this time, there’s only one clear winner.

As soon as they get to the trial, Cha-young notices that Choi Myung-hee is extremely stressed. The court session proceeds, and the Cassano family all give the judge an eye. Prosecutor Han is watching the live feed. Jang Han-seo sits with Vincenzo, and Choi Myung-hee is dismayed.

Vincenzo is called to the witness box; he states he will use his testimony against Babel Group using video evidence. The video plays, and it shows Babel Group and high authority figures committing corrupt practices. Choi Myung-hee notices that Jang Han-seok, Mr. Han, Jang Han-seo, and her face is blurred out in the recording — she’s petrified.

Later on, Choi Myung-hee tells Mr. Han that their faces were blurred because Vincenzo wants to kill them. Mr. Han wants to figure a way out of this. Choi Myung-hee believes this is a farewell drink and calls him a slithering snake trying to save his own skin. The lawyers part ways — it’s the beginning of the end. Loyalties are truly severed.

A massive victory // Vincenzo visits Jang Han-seok

Vincenzo episode 19 eventually gives the audience a rest, albeit briefly, as we finally see justice for the plaza.

The next day, due to the trial and evidence of illegal activities, Babel Group’s ownership over the plaza is nullified. The residents celebrate. This is a massive victory. Afterward, Vincenzo visits Jang Han-seok in prison. He shows him the photo of the Babel Tower model vandalized by him — he shot a few bullets in it. Vincenzo explains that Babel Tower is over, but he’s still a hungry cat. Jang Han-seok warns that when he gets out, Vincenzo will be up against the younger him — a monster with no inhibitions. Vincenzo then meets Jang Han-seo and tells him to leave the country because he’ll be the first target as soon as his brother is out. Jang Han-seo refuses to, stating he’d rather stay and fight.

Relive the moment when Vincenzo returns to the plaza to save Cha-young:

Cha-young sees Vincenzo as the lesser of two evils

Throughout the series, we’ve always wondered what Cha-young really thinks of Vincenzo’s approach and where her moral compass lies — episode 19 gives the audience an answer.

Vincenzo tells Cha-young that she doesn’t need to join him for what’s next for Jang Han-seok. Cha-young states she supported him because there is no law correct for Jang Han-seok and that his approach is the lesser of the two evils. Cha-young then learns that Prosecutor Jung freed everyone that featured on the video feed. Vincenzo states that Jung turned down his last act of generosity — uh, oh.

Choi Myung-hee’s sacrifice

Vincenzo episode 19 reveals how loyal Choi Myung-hee truly is — she’s really embedded her ties for Jang Han-seok — she’d do anything for him; she doesn’t like to lose.

Choi Myung-hee tells Mr. Kim to do all he can to get Jang Han-seok out of prison. She has fabricated evidence that she incited, threatened, and pressured Babel for her own benefit since working as a prosecutor. She explains that no judge or prosecutor will be able to tear down her claim. With her evidence, she believes Jang Han-seok will look like her puppet. Choi Myung-hee is prepared to take the fall and go to prison — she knows Jang Han-seok is the only one capable of saving Babel Tower and bring down Vincenzo.

She discloses these plans to Jang Han-seok. He tells her that when she gets out of prison, she will be the vice-chairman. This really is Choi Myung-hee’s last plan to stop Vincenzo.

The end of Prosecutor Jung

After celebrating and getting drunk with other prosecutors, Jung is met by Vincenzo, who grabs him by the neck, and he soon falls unconscious. When he wakes up, Prosecutor Jung calls him a “mafia prick.” Vincenzo tells him he needs to free him from his sins and throws him off the rooftop.

Another one bites the dust, and let’s face it, that character deserved his downfall.

Choi Myung-hee is arrested, Jang Han-seok is freed

And then we enter the final phases, bringing a vicious end that we all expected to materialize the finale.

Vincenzo and Cha-young learn that Choi Myung-hee has been arrested. And then it happens — Jang Han-seok is freed from prison, but he leaves quietly…

Meanwhile, Cha-young heads out to a social event, and Jang Han-seok lurks on the streets, spying on her. In the parking lot, Cha-young is ambushed and thrown into the back of a car. Jang Han-seok visits his brother Jang Han-seo in his office and calls him an incompetent traitor but Jang Han-seo states that he was trying to run the company properly. It gets tense, and Jang Han-seok points the gun at his brother’s head — Jang Han-seo tells him he was bound to suffer the same fate as their father and accepts it. Jang Han-seok knocks him out with the butt of the gun.

Playing with Vincenzo

Vincenzo cannot get hold of Cha-young and gets increasingly concerned. As he takes a sip of wine, there’s a knock on his apartment door. When he answers it, no one is there. However, an envelope has been left for him. Inside is a bloody bag with an earring — Vincenzo recognizes it and knows it belongs to Cha-young.

Cha-young and Jang Han-seo are tied up. Cha-young calls Jang Han-seok a cheap villain. Jang Han-seok tells her that he loves her, which makes him human, but she disputes that, saying you don’t abduct someone you love. Jang Han-seok reveals he abducted her because he wants Vincenzo — he rings the Italian lawyer and asks him to come to his place.

The ending

Vincenzo arrives, and Jang Han-seok tells him he used pig’s blood to make him feel like Cha-young was hurt — he wants to see the Italian lawyer die. Jang Han-seok tells his brother to pick up the hockey stick and beat Vincenzo to death with it, and if he does, he’ll spare his life and give him Babel Group. Vincenzo is emotional and stuck, knowing one wrong move, and Cha-young is dead. Jang Han-seok points the gun at Cha-young, so Vincenzo gets on his knees and asks Jang Han-seo to beat him to death. This is a significant moment – Vincenzo is willing to die for Cha-young.

Jang Han-seo apologizes, but Vincenzo says it’s okay because he has no choice. As he’s about to hit Vincenzo, Jang Han-seo diverts the hockey stick and hits his brother instead. Jang Han-seok shoots his brother in the arm, and they both end up fighting. Vincenzo quickly turns his attention to Cha-young to free her. But as they escape, they hear a gunshot. Vincenzo turns around, and Jang Han-seok shoots again, and there’s a stillness in the room. Cha-young got in the way of the bullet to save Vincenzo. It’s hit her right in the back of the shoulder.

Cha-young slowly falls, so Vincenzo helps her to the floor. Vincenzo looks at Jang Han-seok with venom in his eyes. He’s really pissed off now. There are so many questions for the finale — is Jang Han-seo dead? Will Cha-young die? Will Jang Han-seok finally gets the downfall he deserves — it’s all to play for.

We expected nothing less — Vincenzo episode 19 is a thrilling penultimate chapter that brings all the elements together for the final episode. Audiences are going to truly miss these characters.

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