Girl From Nowhere season 2, episode 7 recap – “JennyX”

By Daniel Hart
Published: May 7, 2021
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Netflix series Girl From Nowhere season 2, episode 7 - JennyX


Episode 7 brings the shortfalls of social media while bringing another thrilling horror show as Nanno ruins the life of a social media influencer.

This recap of Netflix’s Girl From Nowhere season 2, episode 7, “JennyX,” contains spoilers.

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Girl From Nowhere season 2, episode 7 opens up with JennyX going live on social media — Nanno narrates, asking at “what cost” do you want to be popular. JennyX (Jane) says, “I want to die”. And then the scene flits to JennyX going live again, stating how much school work she has to do. Her parents are behind the camera, helping her out with answers with a whiteboard. Suddenly, someone posts about a live suicide on another link and that the police are going to the scene — her parents tell her to exit the live feed — you could tell at first she was disappointed that a live feed showing a potential suicide navigated followers away from her. But then, her father tells her it’s trending on Twitter, so there was no use of her carrying on.

It’s a strange dynamic between the parents and daughter. They are working together to get the clout from social media. Episode 7 is a case study of how dangerous social media can truly be.

Nanno tells JennyX to be honest 

At school, JennyX is super popular with the students — eventually, she bumps into Nanno, who is in her seat. Nanno claims to be a fan, but you can tell she’s artificial with her support. She asks JennyX if she can have her seat, and she accepts. Nanno explains that she can tell she isn’t happy and that she can return to her seat. However, she wants her to be honest about her thoughts and feelings. At lunchtime, Nanno invites JennyX over, claiming she could tell she was uncomfortable with the people she was with. She tells her about the product she has featured on her social media and how it didn’t taste good. The pair have become friends quickly.

Nanno’s manipulation has begun.

JennyX does not want to be JennyX anymore

And then the bombshell drops for JennyX as the hellish ways of social media form into an even more dysfunctional relationship with her parents.

Late in the night, she overhears her mother, stating that they should buy more followers to gain sponsors — JennyX is dismayed at this suggestion. At school, she tells Nanno that she is sick and tired of her parents and “being JennyX” — she wants to disappear from the world. She didn’t mean this realistically, but Nanno tells her that they can make it possible.

How shall I kill myself?

JennyX goes live on social media early in the day — she explains how she doesn’t have time to think, especially when reviewing lame products; her parents see the feed and try to stop her, but she’s locked the bedroom door. JennyX continues and states she has lie to people as her parents use her as a money-making tool and gets increasingly emotional as her followers support her. When her parents enter her room, she isn’t there. On the feed, JennyX says she “wants to die”. Suddenly, her followers comment that she’s an “attention seeker”. She gets out a large sharp knife and asks her followers where she should hurt herself.

In a shocking moment, JennyX kills herself on the live feed. Her parents are distraught. However, in a twist, it’s revealed that JennyX faked the entire death, and Nanno was helping her. She tells her that she is finally free and she can be called whatever she wants — JennyX picks “Rosy” and gives herself a new appearance. On the news, her parents are apologizing and are asking the public to stop sharing her videos.

This is such a telling scene in episode 7 — how social media is driven by shock and sensationalism; it’s not about the quality or sincerity of the influencer — it’s all about the drama at the time. Clearly, this series is trying to tell viewers the pitfalls of the ever-growing nature of social media and how it impacts the younger generations.

Yuri, the social media investigator 

Nanno tells her that “JennyX” is more popular than ever, but they will eventually forget when something new comes along. Rosy doesn’t like that statement. JennyX sees her past self trending on social media during the night — #WeMissyJenny and #RIPJennyX are trending topics. The next day, speculation is spreading that JennyX faked her death. Rosy is frustrated and asks Nanno what she should do next, but Nanna bluntly explains that she no longer exists, so there’s nothing to worry about. The person who is uncovering the mystery is Yuri — she creates her own live stream to document her investigation into the fake suicide.

Yuri rings Rosy and asks her to meet, stating there is a way out of this. When they meet, she lists the changes she’s made to her body (piercings and tattoos). Yuri tells her she knows she is with Nanno and that she is dangerous. She tells her the only way out of this is to run away from Nanno. Yuri proves her sincerity and deletes the evidence she’s gathered that can be used against her.

Rosy no longer wants to be Rosy

Rosy returns to meet Nanno, who asks if she wants to return as JennyX. She thinks Rosy should wait it out and that things will get better. Rosy says she misses home, but Nanno laughs, saying, “at home, her parents milk her.” Later on, Yuri puts the pressure on — she live streams evidence again that JennyX is alive. Rosy tells Nanno she doesn’t want to be Rosy anymore. Nanno tells her she doesn’t have a home to go back to — she tells Rosy to kill her, just like Yuri told her to, and gives her the large sharp knife — “it’s the only way out”.

It’s wonderful how quirky episode 7 is; the escalation method is well-written in the story; this is the peak, paying off the audience’s patience.

Returning to JennyX

Rosy (back to JennyX) kills Nanno — Yuri rings her and tells her to cut herself and frame that Nanno did it — she’s making it into a self-defense scenario. When JennyX leaves, it’s revealed that Nanno is still alive. Yuri streams with JennyX and asks Nanno what she did to her. JennyX claims a lot of things, including that Nanno tried to force sex on her. However, her followers comment, believing she is fake.

Nanno, the daughter

Suddenly, Nanno goes live on JennyX’s feed, claiming to be the social media influencer — the entire bedroom has been replaced with photos of her. When JennyX returns home, Nanno is having dinner with her family. Her parents claim that Nanno is their daughter, and JennyX gets increasingly upset. Nanno repeats what JennyX said earlier in the chapter, “that she doesn’t need parents”. Finally, JennyX screams that her life has been ruined and starts attacking Nanno, but the lead character laughs.

Nanno asks JennyX’s father for the live camera so they can make it clearer for everyone — on the feed, she plays victim, and the followers are on Nanno’s side, calling JennyX the imposter. The police arrive and arrest JennyX.

It’s brilliant how the horror of this is replacing identity and how Nanno has slid into her life with ease, prying on the parent’s greed.

The ending

As the episode draws closer to the end, Yuri asks Nanno if she has doubts about what she does — she wonders if she is mortal now. Then, Yuri walks away, humming to herself, as Nanno touches the scar on her neck.

Girl From Nowhere season 2, episode 7 brings the shortfalls of social media while bringing another thrilling horror show as Nanno ruins the life of a social media influencer.

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