Ferry ending explained – does Bouman reunite with Danielle?

By Daniel Hart
Published: May 14, 2021
ending of the Netflix film Ferry

This article discusses the ending of the Netflix film Ferry, so it will contain major spoilers.

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After the Netflix film builds up Ferry’s origin story, he is left with a precarious situation; working for a gang leader named Brink, he has been tasked to bring down the men that hurt Mattijs after a raid on “House X”. Amongst the madness of Ferry taking out the key men involved, he falls for Danielle on the famous caravan site. Unfortunately, soon after sleeping with her, he learns that her brother is one of the main targets –Lars Van Marken.

Ferry confronts Lars in the forest near the campsite, and scenes appear to show that he killed him, but other conflicting scenes show Ferry seemingly giving the man mercy as long as he disappears. But with the stress getting to him, Ferry realizes he has to leave Danielle and the caravan site, as he does not want Brink to know that he got close to Lar’s sister.

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Ferry breaks things off with Danielle with extremely harsh words, telling her, “they f****d once”. Afterward, Ferry resorts to drink and drugs and becomes a mess – Brink tells him to sort his head and have a break.

And so he does, but they all say that if it is true love, then it is meant to be. While in Amsterdam, Ferry sees Danielle partaking in a hen do. They’ve clearly missed each other. However, things turn south when one of Brink’s men intervenes in their conversation and learns that Danielle is Lar’s sister. Ferry now knows that he and Danielle are in extreme danger.

As we edge closer to the end, Brink is dismayed that Ferry got involved with one of his target’s sisters — he asks him to get rid of Danielle, so no ties are remaining.

Ferry refuses to, which brings an action-packed five minutes as Ferry kills Brink and his men and flees the scene.

What happens next?

Well, Ferry and the series Undercover is born — the origin story is complete. The final scenes show Ferry comfortable with his new partner Danielle on the campsite, and it naturally shows the film connecting with the television series.

Also the ending confirms to viewers what we were pondering in the series — are Ferry and Danielle truly in love? It seems so, at least at the beginning.

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