Move to Heaven season 1, episode 10 recap – the ending explained

By Daniel Hart
Published: May 14, 2021
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Netflix K-drama series Move to Heaven season 1, episode 10 - the ending explained


Episode 10 provides a wonderful, emotional ending as it focuses on Geu-ru and his past with his parents. This has truly been a worthwhile k-drama series.

This recap of the Netflix K-drama series Move to Heaven season 1, episode 10 — the ending explained — contains major spoilers.

If you’ve made it this far, you’ve probably already laughed and cried. You’ve probably already felt elation or despair. K-drama is dropping the heart clangers recently. Navillera and now this. Let’s recap the last chapter of this wonderful series.

The finale of Move to Heaven begins with Sang-gu fighting the Russian man in the ring, while Madam looks on excitedly. Meanwhile, Na-mu and Geu-ru make their way to the underground fighting ring. Geu-ru knows the passcode into the place, as he’s seen his uncle with the numbers — they make their way to the octagon, and Geu-ru shouts for his uncle. The Russian fighter reveals he is cheating and shows blades in his gloves and starts slicing Sang-gu. Geu-ru turns the lights off and grabs his uncle. The police show up, and the crowd disperses; Na-mu and Geu-ru manage to sneak him out. Sang-gu tells them both that he doesn’t have “punch drunk syndrome,” but they don’t believe him and take him to the hospital. As they drive off, it’s revealed that Geu-ru called the police beforehand, which is why the underground fight ring was found.

Fear of losing another family member

The bond between Geu-ru and Sang-gu establishes the importance of family in episode 10 — it’s been growing all series.

Geu-ru checks on Sang-gu in the hospital late in the night to check if he’s alive; he’s extremely anxious, and he doesn’t want to lose another family member. Geu-ru learned it was his father that had the illness, not Sang-gu — he didn’t tell him to protect him. Rather than leave, Geu-ru decides to sleep at the hospital with his uncle. When they get home, Geu-ru allows Sang-gu to sit at the dinner table with him. Previously, he wasn’t allowed as it was his father’s chair.

What a long way we’ve come since episode 2.

The memorial park want Jeong-u’s ashes 

The family lawyer visits Geu-ru and tells him the memorial park is asking for his father’s ashes. They want him to rest beside his mother. Geu-ru locks himself in his bedroom — he doesn’t want to let his father go. When Na-mu and Sang-gu get into his room, they learn that Geu-ru has escaped out of the window. They both head out to try and find him in his usual spots, but they find the search difficult.

The story has quickly become about Geu-ru’s grief that he’s bottled up inside him since his father’s death.

The young Geu-ru first spoke at the aquarium 

Geu-ru is on a train with his father’s ashes; flashbacks show a young Geu-ru visiting his doctor — Jeong-u and his wife cannot figure out why Geu-ru isn’t speaking. The doctor tells them it stems physiologically due to his Asperger’s syndrome. When they return home, Geu-ru shows sign language to his parents — they are relieved to find some form of communication. Further scenes show his parents take him to the aquarium. Finally, Geu-ru begins to speak and lists the fish he can see. His mother sobs in happiness and hugs Jeong-u.

Move to Heaven season 1, episode 10 is giving the audience as many hard-hitting scenes as possible.

How Geu-ru came to the family 

In the present day, while searching for Geu-ru, Sang-gu bumps into a friend of Jeong-u who tells him how Geu-ru joined the family. Flashbacks show Jeong-u in his firefighting days, and he’s called to a location on a snowy day — a cat is trapped. However, when he gets to the location and climbs down a shaft of a water tank, Jeong-u learns that it’s not a cat; it’s a newborn baby boy wrapped in a blanket. Jeong-u visited the baby in the hospital — he clearly formed an attachment. The doctor tells him it’s a miracle the baby survived in those conditions. Jeong-u visited the baby in critical care — he later learns the child will be adopted overseas.

They adopted, but the wife got sick 

Jeong-u tells his wife about the baby and how he will be sent overseas for adoption. The wife visits the baby as well, and they both grow an attachment to the young boy — they both decide to adopt Geu-ru. Jeong-u had already thought of a name. In the present, Sang-gu learns that Jeong-u’s wife got terminal cancer, so his brother quit his job to look after her. When Jeong-u’s wife died, a young Geu-ru struggled with the death and refused to believe she was gone.

This takes Geu-ru to the present day as he keeps his father’s ashes close to him — Sang-gu learns there’s one place he could have gone as a last resort — the beach where he often went with his father. Scenes show Geu-ru walking the beach alone. Later in the evening, Sang-gu finds Geu-ru at the aquarium. He tells Geu-ru that even the deceased can speak and that he learned that from the best, referring to him.

Move to Heaven season 1, episode 10 shows how Geu-ru was always going to be the defining character of the series — this ending shows how integral and heartwarming he is to the plot; watching him face his grief in a character-focused chapter is wonderful to catch.

Finally clearing his father’s things

Geu-ru returns home and prays for his father in his Jeong-u’s old bedroom before putting his headphones on to clean and tidy — he’s finally ready to let his father go. As he clears the room, he makes a yellow box of sentimental items and reminisces. Geu-ru then sits down and looks through his father’s old phone and finds a video from him — on the video, his father tells him that all his memories of his mother and father live within his eyes — he asks him to promise to look in the mirror every day and says “excellent job” and remind himself that he’s the coolest boy on the planet.

Geu-ru has given up his father’s ashes for the memorial park, and there’s a ceremony for the occasion. As they walk away from the park, Geu-ru sees his father next to him and tells him that he finds it difficult to read people and finds conversations difficult; when Geu-ru sees a dog, he gets nervous, and his father tells him not to be, and as the dog walks by, nothing happens. Suddenly, Geu-ru is sad because he can no longer see his father and runs back to the memorial. He hugs the tree that has his parents’ names on it.

This is a tough scene to take — this is Geu-ru having one last moment not to let go, but he soo reminds himself that his parents will always be with him.

The ending

With the episode nearly closing, the lawyer tells Sang-gu that his three-month period as a guardian for Geu-ru is over, and he’s not qualified; the main reason is his involvement in the gambling fighting organization, which put Geu-ru in danger. Sang-gu meekly accepts the termination and asks where Geu-ru will be. The lawyer asks Sang-gu if he’s worried about where Geu-ru will end up, but he denies that he is. However, you can tell he is lying; he’s gutted. As Sang-gu walks off, the lawyer tells Sang-gu that Geu-ru has expressed that he wants him to continue as guardian and that it is his decision. Sang-gu wells up with happiness.

As the episode ends, a young woman (Cha Eun-byeol) requests the services of “Move to Heaven” directly to Geu-ru outside his house. Geu-ru points out that it is strange that the deceased’s name is the same as her name. However, she tells him it isn’t odd as she’s requesting the service because she will die soon. Geu-ru looks at her face, and he’s mesmerized by her — he sees a butterfly plant on her head. It looks like Geu-ru has experienced his first crush.

Move to Heaven season 1, episode 10 provides a wonderful, emotional ending as it focuses on Geu-ru and his past with his parents. This has truly been a worthwhile k-drama series.

Additional points
  • Na-mu tells her angry mother that she will work with Geu-ru for “Move to Heaven.”

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  • September 7, 2021 at 12:44 pm

    Thank you fir your synopsis. It helped me to understand the ending. Is there going to be a season 2?

  • April 10, 2023 at 2:57 pm

    Omgosh! I am hooked and loved every episode of Move To Heaven. PLEASE HAVE A SECOND SEASON!!!!

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    I really loved it. It’s a very moving story. I hope for another season. The ending has me curious about what happens with that young girl. I have the idea that it will be a special story.

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