Law School episode 11 recap – picking a jury for the Ye-seul trial

By Daniel Hart
Published: May 20, 2021
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Netflix k-drama series Law School episode 11


Episode 11 does well to maintain and focus on the story without complicating matters like it did in previous chapters. It’s taken a while, but the story is finally bedded in.

This recap of the Netflix k-drama series Law School episode 11 contains spoilers.

This series has definitely improved, and we could feel it in the last chapter — I think it’s because it’s stopped throwing so many technicalities at the audience. While I do not mind learning about legal mechanisms, having it swerved around a complex plot is not ideal. Law School episode 11 veers to that slightly, but it does not feel like a nuisance.

At the start of episode 11, Professor Yang heads to a closed-down restaurant and picks up a briefcase that’s been left for him — inside, there are various items. Meanwhile, Lee Man-ho meets a mysterious man — they give him a photo of his son, and he’s elated.

Building Ye-seul’s self-defense case is proving difficult 

Like in the last episode, the students get together to build Ye-seul’s case, and Kang Sol A raises how jurors rarely go for a self-defense case, but she raises the positive — it’s the jury who votes in these trials, not the judge. They need to prove that Yeong-chang’s argument over the sex video is incorrect and that he did film it illegally. Kang Sol B asks Ye-seul why she did not think like a law student and reported Yeong-chang sooner.

I wouldn’t say I liked Kang Sol B’s approach here; it shows how her character is flawed and refuses to see the emotional aspect of what Ye-seul is going through.

Interning for Prosecutor Jin 

Law School episode 11 sees the students partaking in training as part of their time at law school — they have all picked interesting people to work for…

Joon-hwi interns for Prosecutor Jin — it should be awkward for the student, but he doesn’t seem phased by it at first. Jin raises how Seung-jae’s hacking scandal became the smoking gun in Professor Yang’s trial. Seung-jae sits there meekly, but Joon-hwi feels uncomfortable working on the case that involves Professor Yang.

Joon-hwi has no choice but to ask Seung-jae questions. Seung-jae admits he may have continued hacking papers if it wasn’t to prove that Professor Yang is innocent. Han Joon-hwi asks Seung-jae if Professor Yang knew about the hacking scandal and if he really overheard the conversation in the office on the day of the incident. Han Joon-hwi feels guilty for who he has to become in order to do his job, but Prosecutor Jin seems to take pleasure in it and says he was born to be a prosecutor.

Interviewing for placements 

Kang Sol B wants to work for Assemblyman Ko and takes part in an interview. He gives her the job as he’s impressed. Then, Kang Sol A goes for an interview for a position in Assemblyman Ko’s office — he’s surprised that she’s tried even to get a job, but Kang Sol A gives him a brown envelopment that Kim Eun-suk told her to pass on. Suddenly, Assemblyman Ko’s tone changes — Kim Eun-suk has proposed a new bill for defamation rights that will help him politically.

Professor Yang gives Joon-hwi evidence for the murder case

Professor Yang gives Joon-hwi the briefcase of evidence — the items in the briefcase are key to the murder of Professor Seo; there are elements in the briefcase that suggests it’s linked to organ trading in the black market.

Rules for the trial 

Professor Yang lays down the terms with the other prosecutors regarding the trial against Ye-seul. He doesn’t trust the victim’s father, so he wants fair rules so the jury is not contaminated. Next, the students get together and look through the juror’s questionnaires — they need to make sure they have a favorable jury. Kim Eun-suk tells Professor Yang that for this jury, principles and ethics matter, not legal make-up.

Bill of defamation rights 

Assemblyman Ko uses a proposed bill of defamation rights on the same day of his son’s trial. Kang Sol A thinks it’s wrong, but Kang Sol B raises how it’s good for politics in the media (again, Kang Sol B uses a non-emotional explanation). Kang Sol A raises to Kim Eun-suk that Assemblyman Ko is trying to use Bad Fama’s trial to raise his approval ratings, and Kim Eun-suk is using Assemblyman Ko for Bad FaMa’s trial — Kang Sol A questions if either of them is better than the other. She wants Kim Eun-suk to be better than that. However, the new bill will help victims once it passes. Assemblyman Ko references Lee Man-ho as an example — how the ex-convict is preparing to sue those who have criticized him for defamation. Lee Man-ho watches the press conference, and he’s furious.

Picking the jury

And it gets back to trial proceedings, which is always the most exciting part of this series. Law School episode 11 brings the process of how a jury trial is set up.

It’s time to pick the jury, and Kang Sol A’s mother applies, which irks her daughter. The judge goes over the rules as Professor Yang and the team eye up the best candidates. Finally, after a long, complex process, the jurors are picked for the trial. Afterward, Kim Eun-suk reassures Ye-seul that it is not her fault for how Yeong-chang ended up. She is still conflicted despite all her peers been on her side.

The trial begins

Ye-seul’s trial begins. The jury is told to rule solely on the evidence. The prosecution claims that Ye-seul was “two-timing” with Yeong-chang and another man and then discusses how Ye-seul assaulted him after they had agreed to do a private video together. The prosecution shows images of Yeong-chang and says the victim has suffered grievous bodily harm. Professor Yang stands up and calls the claims a novel; he tells the jury about his case against him and that they would have seen it on the news — he tells them that a defendant shouldn’t be treated as a criminal and that there is only advantageous or disadvantageous evidence.

It’s fascinating to see the jurors hang on to his every word, and the prosecution team looks annoyed.

The ending

Professor Yang tells the court that Ye-seul was in an abusive relationship, and she acted in self-defense over a secret spy cam and private sex video. When the session ends, Ji-ho gets a text that says, “your case is transferred to the prosecution,” and then Prosecutor Jin learns he is getting indicted. Ji-ho lets his journalist friend know — he’s really trying to use the law to help out his deceased father and offers the reporter some worthwhile news.

In the bathroom, Lee Man-ho confronts Assemblyman Ko and grabs him by the neck. Professor Yang walks in and tells him that he should choke him harder and kill him.

Law School episode 11 does well to maintain and focus on the story without complicating matters like it did in previous chapters. It’s taken a while, but the story is finally bedded in.

Law notes
  • Kim Eun-suk tells Kang Sol B she believes she’s smart enough to write the paper and smart enough to defend herself if she plagiarized it.
  • Ji-ho begins his new placement at a law firm. However, he’s dismissed and told he can start as soon as he passes the bar. They want something in return.

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