Racket Boys episode 2 recap – Hae-kang deals with the bullies

By Daniel Hart
Published: June 1, 2021
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Episode 2 continues wooing the audience with a heartfelt storyline and brilliant acting. While there’s no indication where this story may lead, it’s secured its footing in the k-drama schedule.

This recap of Netflix k-drama series Racket Boys season 1, episode 2 contains spoilers.

The premiere chapter appeared to soothe most viewers — a happy, heartwarming, but slightly sad k-drama series. What can go wrong?

Episode 2 begins with the badminton players trying to get a badminton shuttlecock in a glass — after failing many times, Se-yoon walks into the room and gets it in the first time. The next day, Hae-kang and his friends head to school on the bus. In his first class, Hae-kang falls asleep — he’s struggling to keep up with his new environment. He’s used to the student-athlete life.

The “White Wolf”

The headmaster tells Hyeon-jong about the “White Wolf,” a legendary badminton player turned coach at the school — Hyeong-jong finds the name familiar. He starts looking into the “White Wolf” and asks the locals about the legend.

Hyeon-jong checks a photo out of the “White Wolf.” He later learns that Coach Bae is the “White Wolf .”

Dealing with bullies

Hae-kang learns that the badminton team has a bitter past with a student named Jae-seok, who left before the Spring Competition last year. They are determined to beat him — it’s a sore spot as he is Yoon-dam’s best friend. After school, Hae-kang sees some bullies from another school hurting another kid, so he stands up to them. Later on, another kid who boxes knocks Yong-tae over, and Hae-kang wants to stand up to him. However, his friends advise against it.

Hae-kang deals with the bullies

But Racket Boys episode 2 proves how much Hae-kang will not let his friends be pushed around, providing more depth to his character.

The bully returns, and this time, they pick on Yong-tae when he’s on his own. He pours coca-cola over him and then claims he needs his help. Yong-tae is in a threatening position. Yong-tae shows his friends the bust lip and bruised face — he said it was the bullies from Tollgate school and the boxer. Hae-kang is not happy, and he confronts the bullies with his friends. They end up outside in the alleyway — Hae-kang tells the bullies what they did wrong and then throws his fists.

The head coach is not impressed with Yoon-dam 

His friends are impressed with how Hae-kang dealt with the situation, despite sustaining face injuries himself. Later on, the head coach learns that Yong-tae got beaten up, and he’s disappointed that Yoon-dam did very little to help. He tells him to do a range of exercises before a specific time, or they will not compete in the spring competition. The head coach returns and Hae-kang offers to do the rest of the exercises for Yoon-dam.

It’s an emotional moment for the kids, who show togetherness and that they are true friends.

First day in the village 

A new couple arrive at the village, but before they settle, they have an altercation with Grandma. Hae-kang brings him a curry for them to eat. He says he struggled to find food on his first day. When they eat, the wife cries and tells her husband that she’s scared — he tells her he’s scared as well. Behind them are two nooses. Eventually, the wife smiles, and the husband is happy. Then, they hear the doorbell, and the husband finds a package on their doorstep. Inside the package is spring cabbage salad — despite arguing with Grandma on the road earlier, she’s decided to make them feel welcome to the area.

The next day, the husband and wife pick up Grandma in their car to return the favor.

New Competition 

Trying to find inspiration after learning the head coach is the “White Wolf,” Hyeon-jong tries to get advice off him in an upcoming tournament, but he’s quickly dismissed. There’s a rivalry between Se-yoon and another girl called Na-ra. Dong-hyeon is also there — the player with the yellow hair that beat Hae-kang last time. Hae-kang approaches him and gets angry. Yong-tae tells Jae-seok that he’s happy to see him in the bathroom — the pair get along fine. The others walk in, and Yong-dam has emotions in his eyes — it gets tense straight away between the former best friends.

The ending

Woo-chan plays singles first in the tournament but loses. Hae-kang is up next. His team tells him to bring it home for them. It’s a tense game with both coaches and the team remaining hopeful. The head coach notes that Hae-kang will be Yoon-dam’s partner and rival. Hae-kang gets a routine going and clocks up the points. Other people in the audience start to support Hae-kang. His father tells Hae-kang to finish the player off.

Racket Boys episode 2 continues wooing the audience with a heartfelt storyline and brilliant acting. While there’s no indication where this story may lead, it’s secured its footing in the k-drama schedule.

Additional points
  • Grandma tries to see her grandchild for a party, but she struggles with the busy city and the public transportation. However, helpful people in the city keep helping her out. She finally finds the restaurant for the birthday.

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