Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal The Movie part 1 ending explained

June 3, 2021
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This article discusses the ending of the Netflix anime film Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal The Movie part 1, so it will contain major spoilers.

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After introducing specific characters, bringing some context to this world for newcomers and fans, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal The Movie part 1 brings an ending whereby the plans of the Dead Moon Circus, and their Queen, are putting the plans in place to dominate the Earth, the Moon, and the Universe. Part 1 acts as a base-setter for part 2 in reality, whereby the ending brings a soft cliffhanger, which will surely engineer the rest of the story to come. It’s hardly an Avengers: Infinity War type impact, but it does enough to keep viewers interested.

Netflix’s Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal The Movie part 1 — the ending explained

Before the main event, Elysion comes to Earth and tells Mamo-chan, Usagi-sama, and Chibi-usa that he is the guardian of the trio and that their Pegasus is trapped. Furthermore, he warns of the Dead Moon Queen coming to Earth to bring doom. This is merely a segway to what we can expect in part 2.

But then, it flits to Mina, who cannot use her powers at this stage, and she’s unsure as to why. Feeling insecure as she’s the leader of the Guardians, she decides to take on the Dead Moon Circus on her own. But Sailor Mars, Mercury, and Jupiter come to help her anyway but end up getting trapped by the nightmarish Lemures, so Mina continues to try to stop the circus on her own. The Dead Moon Circus Troupe tells Mina to bing the Legendary Silver Crystal, but then Artemis attempts to save her, and for a few moments, it is believed he was killed.

But then Artemis transforms into his true being and blames himself that Mina has not been able to use her powers. Then, suddenly, Mina’s powers return — her grief and belief that Artemis died triggered something inside of her.

Mina manages to fight back and save the Sailors, but the Amazoness quartet does not give up and traps the sailors. And then, they and the Queen of Dead announce they are ready to bring doom to Earth, providing a natural ending to part 1. We can only assume the second phase will be more action-led, with our characters desperate to save the Earth.

In the post-credits scene, a young girl kneels and declares the Second Coming.

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