Sweet Tooth season 1, episode 3 recap – “Weird Deer S**t”

By Daniel Hart
Published: June 4, 2021 (Last updated: June 11, 2021)
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Netflix series Sweet Tooth season 1, episode 3


Episode 3 ramps up the story and introduces more characters, however, the creators have dropped in new plot points sensibly, making for a compelling and addictive story.

This recap of Netflix’s Sweet Tooth season 1, episode 3, “Weird Deer S**t,” contains spoilers. 

Now that the story has been established, the third chapter of this series ramps up the action.

Episode 3 opens with a group of teens playing an intense VR game. Suddenly, an alarm goes off, stating that there is a “Hybrid in Distress.” They all put their VR headsets down and head out to respond to the emergency.

The journey continues

Gus and Big Man continue their journey, walking across many lands and abandoned train tracks. At night, Gus and Big Man stay in an abandoned bus — Gus shows his youth, asking many questions about where they are. Big Man prepares Gus for a train at the market that he needs to catch the next day, which will take him to Colorado.

What’s heartwarming about this story is how Big Man acts like a grumpy uncle who is reluctantly helping his nephew.

A disguise

The next morning, Gus wakes up, and he cannot find Big Man. He opens the bus door, and it’s snowing outside and bitterly cold. Gus grows more and more anxious, but then he wakes up — it was a bad dream. Big Man tells Gus that he needs a disguise so the Last Men cannot capture him. He wants him to fake being a hybrid kid as a human kid, which is hella confusing.

Taking over Dr. Bell’s practice 

Aditya Singh has taken over Dr. Bell’s medical practice, and he leaves himself voice notes on his progress. On the notes, he refers to his wife as “Jane Doe”. He is still haunted by how Dr. Bell conducted her experiments to try and find a vaccine. Aditya also has to deal with Last Men, who drop off supplies.

The Survivor’s Party

Episode 3 gives the audience an idea of what it is like in some areas of this crumbled world and how survivors deal with potential virus waves. It’s a very dystopian view of how humans will respond if things get bad.

Rani tells Aditya that they need to go to the Survivor’s Party, and she doesn’t believe she is contagious. She also quips that recent medication is not working, but Aditya explains he can’t experiment on Hybrids because they are still human and a child. Rani trusts that he will find a more humane method in making progress against the virus.

They head to the party, and Doug greets them. Aditya is anxious about being there and keeps looking at Rani’s hands that are shaking. The host of the party, Doug, hands start shaking, so everyone gets worried and ties him to a chair. Everyone puts a cloth over their mouths while Aditya does a virus test — it comes back positive. The guests leave Doug in the house tied to the chair and set it on fire to kill him.

Weird Deer S**t

Big Man and Gus head to the train station with the disguise — Gus seems excited at being in disguise, but Big Man tells him to take it seriously. When they get near the train, Gus becomes anxious at seeing men with guns. Then, Gus finds free food samples and eats as many as he can, drawing attention to himself. Big Man tells him to stop eating as he does in the woods — Gus apologizes and calls it “weird deer s**t,” which was highly amusing.

While Big Man sorts out the train ticket, Gus tries to “act human” but ends up freaking out. A young girl that we saw as part of the group of teens at the start of the chapter sees Gus and calms him down. Big Man drags him away and gives Gus a ticket. Gus asks him to join him, but Big Man states it is the end for them.

Gus is caught

Before getting on the train, Big Man asks Gus where he smells the candy with his super senses. Gus points out a box, but then a Last Man finds them, so Big Man knocks him out. Inside the box are loads of medication, so Big Man pockets a few bottles. Big Man has to fight another Last Man, and then he gets Gus on the train.

The ending

However, the Last Men know that Gus is a hybrid, and he and Big Man are caught. The pair are cuffed and dragged through the woods, but the teens we saw at the start of the episode save them by taking out the Last Men. The girl from the station reveals herself. As the episode ends, General Abbot is being made aware that “she” has been found.

Sweet Tooth season 1, episode 3 ramps up the story and introduces more characters, however, the creators have dropped in new plot points sensibly, making for a compelling and addictive story.

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