Lupin season 2, episode 4 recap – the tunnels

By Daniel Hart
Published: June 11, 2021
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Netflix series Lupin season 2, episode 4


Episode 4 feels like the beginning of the end as Assane prepares for one last fight for justice.

This recap of Netflix’s Lupin season 2, episode 4 contains spoilers.

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If we thought that Assane was in the clear and Hubert Pellegrini was a finished man, then the penultimate chapter proves that it’s going to take more for Assane to secure justice.

At the start of episode 4, a man named Lucas walking to work is knocked over and drops his briefcase — someone steals it and runs off with it. Assane runs after the man and gets the briefcase back — he returns the briefcase, and Lucas is confused about how he knows his name. Meanwhile, Hubert Pellegrini is being questioned by the police, but he denies everything. He sticks to the narrative that Assane Diop stole his necklace, just like his father. They also ask Hubert about Leonard, and Hubert plays dumb. Unfortunately, the police do not have enough on Hubert to keep him in, so they need to find Assane.

Juliette is concerned that her father has been released

Juliette tells Assane that her father has been released, and she’s worried he will know it was her mother who went to the police. She wants to cancel the concert to raise money for the children’s foundation, but Assane tells her not to. Meanwhile, Hubert asks Leonard to spy on Benjamin, believing if they track him, they find Assane.

Leonard’s demise puts Assane in trouble 

Episode 4 proves that Hubert’s plotting has not died down, and he is ready to do anything to remove the Assane-problem.

Assane meets up with Benjamin. When Benjamin leaves the apartment, Leonard sneaks in, his gun ready with a silencer. However, as he’s about to shoot, another man comes up behind Benjamin, and he quietly kills him — Assane does not hear because he has his music on loud.

However, it is a set up by Hubert as the man rings the police alerting to violence in the place Assane is in and gives an address — he left Leonards’s dead body in the house. Assane finds Leonard’s body, and then he hears the police. He leaves and sees the police raid the apartment. On the news, Assane is marked as the murderer and becomes the most wanted man in France.

Saving Ben

Realizing that Benjamin is in trouble, Assane rings him and tells him he’s been followed — he gives instructions to help him get away from the man. Benjamin gets on the bus, and then as the door closes, he runs off. Assane finds Benjamin, and he tells him they need to disappear. They find a hiding spot while the police track them down after finding a lead. Meanwhile, Raoul tells Claire’s new boyfriend that his father is one step ahead as his father has maps of the building and tunnels.

The tunnels

And as usual, Lupin brings a sequence of slick scenes as Assane is always thinking ahead.

The police learn about the tunnels after finding a lead and head down them. Meanwhile, Guedira learns of “The Jewish Lamp” while obsessing over the links to the story of Lupin — he checks out the evidence room to find it. The police find tourists in the tunnels and shut the access from the Catacombs.

Sofia and her colleague continue moving through the tunnels as Assane and Benjamin move hurriedly — they move rocks in a secret spot. In a flashback in 1995, the young Assane and Benjamin learn about tunnels in the city while on a Catacombes de Paris tour; this is where Lupin and Benjamin first learned of the secrets of these tunnels. In the present, Assane and Benjamin climb ladders to get out of the tunnels; the police miss the secret spot. No longer in the tunnels, Benjamin and Assane split up.

The ending 

Dumont visits Hubert Pellegrini to talk in private. He gives him an update on Asssane and says charges will be dropped against Hubert — he wants him to be careful as his men are asking questions. Meanwhile, Guedira breaks up “The Jewish Lamp” and looks inside one of the candles — inside, there’s a flash drive. Guedira loads the drive on his computer. There’s a video of Dumont.

As the episode ends, Assane and Benjamin state they are ready for their last show.

Lupin season 2, episode 4 feels like the beginning of the end as Assane prepares for one last fight for justice.

Additional points
  • At the police station, Sofia interviews Claire to try and find the whereabouts of Assane. Guedira tells her to wipe a smirk off her face and take it seriously, however, Claire says she has nothing much to say and tells them she doesn’t want Assne to see her son.

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