Skater Girl ending explained – Will Prerna ride the concrete waves without falling?

By M.N. Miller
Published: June 11, 2021
ending of the Netflix film Skater Girl

This article discusses the ending of the Netflix film Skater Girl, so it will contain major spoilers.

In my review of Skater Girl, I note that everything about the film is feel-good. However, it falls victim to outside savior subplots. Nevertheless, the film manages to regain its focus to offer a mild recommendation.

Netflix’s Skater Girl ending explained

For most of Skater Girl, Prerna (played by Rachel Saanchita Gupta) is trying to ride the asphalt waves at the skate park’s highest point and deepest dive without falling. But, before that, she is fighting her destiny. Her mother wants more for her, even though she doesn’t know where the village of London is located. But her father is practical, telling Jessica, who helped bring the skate park to Khempur, to stay away from his children. His daughter, you see, while not even knowing her own age, is time for her to marry and have children.

While Prerna’s father plans her arranged marriage with a local boy’s family, discussing the dowry, she escapes through the roof with her brother’s board. She manages to get to the big tournament, where the whole village watches, even with her parents there, who are about to spoil her fun. That’s until they see the joy on her face. As she rides the concrete waves, in what I’m told by my East Indian wife is a Dhoti dress and makeup, her hair now is allowed to fly freely. She gets to the top of the deck, resting her board over the deepest and steepest section of the bowl. She looks up and let’s go, free-falling down the bowl embankment.

This time, however, she kept her balance without falling and breaking some bones, signifying she now has a chance to dream… Maybe even choose her own fate.

What happens next?

After Prerna manages to skate down Khempur’s only skate park, which now happens to be India’s largest, the credits roll for a split second before we see her little brother opening up a package like it was his last Christmas morning. It’s a lovely pair of board shoes that grip any board’s deck with ease. They are the color Red, a beautiful dark hue that’s deeper than most lipsticks. Red, in India, carries the meaning of important or auspicious occasions. He looks up and thanks Jessica and Erick, of course, not because they bought them for him, because they are the white saviors of the film. But, honestly, can we get past this plot point?

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