Jagame Thandhiram ending explained – does Suruli manage to free Attila’s brother?

By Daniel Hart
Published: June 18, 2021 (Last updated: January 26, 2024)
ending of the Netflix film Jagame Thandhiram

This article discusses the ending of the Netflix film Jagame Thandhiram, so it will contain major spoilers.

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Throughout the film, Suruli has a casual business approach to his dealings — that’s until the woman he loves, Attila, tries to kill him using Sivadoss’s men. She has feelings for him, but Suruli is curious about why she would try and get him killed.

Netflix’s Jagame Thandhiram ending explained

And we soon find out why. Sivadoss kept Attila’s hope alive to find her brother when she arrived in the UK. She raises how the gang leader raised a lot of hope for many immigrants, who he saved and helped them into the country — Sivadoss obtained legal citizenship status for many refugees. She explains Peter Sprott became Sivadoss’s nemesis. Attila that the man she loves, Suruli, killed Sivadoss. She feels he is a traitor to their people. Suruli is then left conflicted by working for a man that is racist and doesn’t respect his people.

Suruli asks Peter if he can do one more job, but he questions why it’s okay to keep making the lives of immigrants harder. He thinks Peter should be courteous to refugees and asks for a favour; to get Attila’s brother and a few friends out of an immigration detention centre, and surprisingly Peter agrees, but there’s a sinister undertone to his agreement.

Later on, Peter knows Suruli is working with Sivadoss’s men to help get people out of a detention centre. He tells him to stop being a hero and aggressively states that he owns the streets — he tells Suruli that he’s going to Birmingham.

What happens next?

And the final act heats up for the Jagame Thandhiram ending

Due to Suruli saying no to Birmingham, his restaurant is blitzed by Peter’s men, and his friend is killed. Suddenly, the house Suruli and Atilla are in is assaulted by Peter’s men. Fearing for his partner’s life, Suruli agrees to go to Birmingham, but he wants to pay respects to his friend from the restaurant before he leaves.

While Suruli is escorted, the entourage is attacked by his friends. Peter learns that the rally in Birmingham has been cancelled. Then, Suruli answers John’s phone and Peter is shaken — he knows Suruli is ready to kill him — he has been rebirthed.  Suruli and his men start an onslaught on Peter’s mansion. They reach Peter, but Suruli doesn’t want to kill him and wants him to try raw chilli powder first, which brings a comedic moment.

And with Suruli’s success in bringing down Peter, he works on the immigration cases, and Attila’s brother is freed. As the film ends, Peter is taken to the Afghan border, and he has no idea where he is. Suruli has destroyed all his identity, and he’s now a refugee with a fake passport from a country that does not exist. In the end, the raging racist gets his just desserts…. in the desert.

This was a brilliant ending — the man that had such disrespect for refugees ends up becoming a refugee himself, and he will have to fight for his life to find safety — the reality that many refugees face today.

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