Sisters on Track ending explained

By Romey Norton
Published: June 24, 2021 (Last updated: February 5, 2024)
ending of the Netflix documentary film Sisters on Track

This article discusses the ending of the Netflix documentary film Sisters on Track, so it will contain major spoilers. 

The first part of the documentary is surrounding the sisters Tai, Rainn, and Brooke Sheppard being invited on The View to celebrate Sports Illustrated Kids’ recent decision to name them 2016’s Sports Kids of the Year. We see them live on air and learn that they have been given the keys to a fully furnished Bed-Stuy apartment courtesy of Tyler Perry, who’s paid for them to live there for the next two years. This is all very happy, and you can see the positive impact it has on the family. The girl’s grades get better in school, and the mother gets herself a new, better job, which leads onto the girls’ lives since that show. 

Now, I want to talk about one important scene before we get into the ending, and it’s roughly one hour into the documentary when Jean is teaching the girls a sex-education class. Jean is a volunteer, does not get paid, and clearly, the educational system in America is failing its women, where others have to step in and teach these girls. The scene is real, it’s honest. It’s perfect. It’s how I wish I were taught. This scene shows us that Jean is here for these girls to help build them into strong athletes and get them a scholarship and help build their characters. 

In the final section of the documentary, one of the sisters, Tai, begins to feel the pressure and begins to question if running track is something she definitely wants in her future. Tai has one final chance to qualify; this is her last chance to get a possible full, free ride scholarship through high school and then college. The pressure and the reality are setting in. Of course, she wins! The girl wins! She qualifies, and we all love it.

The documentary then moves on to the wonderful celebrations of prom/end-of-year party, then onto graduation. We watch the girls graduate in their cap and gowns, looking so wonderfully proud. Everyone is cheering and taking photos.

The final scenes are at the National Junior Olympic Games, which everyone has been waiting for and working hard for. Brooke makes 3rd place, Rainn places 3rd, and Tai comes in a little too slow and doesn’t qualify. Heartbreaking. Then Tai and Rainn, the eldest, go to win gold in the relay together.

The documentary then jumps to 2019, and the girls are getting ready for their first days as freshmen students. The girls have made it. They work hard, they run hard, and this is the age of women. The documentary ends with subtitles of where the girls are now. Beautifully, they’re all still in school and running track. A voice-over from Tai reads a sentimental speech, which includes the words “In time of need, just know you’re not alone” — a perfect ending.

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