Ray season 1, episode 4 recap – what happened in “Spotlight”?

By Daniel Hart
Published: June 25, 2021
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Netflix series Ray season 1, episode 4 - Spotlight


The fourth short story rounds off the series nicely as an actor rediscovers himself after hitting rock bottom.

This recap of Netflix’s Ray season 1, episode 4, “Spotlight,” contains spoilers.

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To end the anthological series, the fourth short story delves into an actor who is having an existential crisis.

Episode 4 opens with the famous actor’s agent (Roby) berating him for his auditions. Vik seems to be disheartened about the latest reviews on his latest film. He rings his partner Anu, who tells him to “fuck the review.” This actor is clearly insecure. When he arrives at a hotel, he wants to be in the same room that Madonna used. He tells his agent that if he is not shifted to Madonna’s room, he’s not shooting; he is desperate to be recognized as a big star. He’s then told he is in the same area as famous person Didi, but he isn’t interested.

Vik’s insecurity continues

The shooting begins, and the director asks for a couple of takes from Vik. After the second take, the director wants to talk to Vik privately. He asks him to do the third take, and Vik is irritated. When he returns to the hotel, he asks the staff for Madonna’s room again, and Roby catches him and tells him to relax. He recommends a hotel nearby with a big star, but Vik brushes it off. Later on, Viki tries to access the closed pool for Didi only, and he is warned that his actions will be leaked to the media.

Anu arrives at the hotel 

Frustrated by the day, Vik rings his mother crying, and she comforts him. Later on, his agent sorts out the situation for him. And then, Anu turns up at the hotel as a surprise, and Vik is a little dazed, but he tells her he needs her. She’s clearly worried and asks him how the shoot has gone, and Vik says it has been a nightmare. Anu reminds him that he used to love the spotlight, but Viki feels it has gone. It’s clear from the way he’s talking that he’s been taking drugs.

Anu reveals that she also came to the hotel to see Didi, because she is special. Vik freaks out and tells Anu that he is special as well. Anu is flabbergasted that Vik thinks he is as special as Didi and feels he has lost it. Vik tells his partner to leave, and she tells him he now has nothing.

Vik’s high

After the break-up, Vik tries to use the pain to practice an audition. He goes late into the night, drinking alcohol, taking drugs, practicing lines. He ends up outside and talking to a lady before collapsing into an intense high. Vik can see his mother in his hallucinations. She tells him she is the courage and fear and has always been inside him and says he should go to Didi’s court.

Vik is clearly having a drug-induced experience at this stage to search for his own truth.

Meeting Didi

His agent Roby finds him and takes him back to the hotel room — he said there was chaos downstairs after a raid by the police. Roby tells him he is right, Didi is an imposter. Vik tells Roby that he wants a meeting with Didi. Didi greets him in her room. She tells Viki to show her “his look” and says she has been mesmerized by it since coming of age. Viki asks why she wants Madonna’s room, so she sings a line from one of the artist’s songs. He explains how everyone is crazy for her and wonders how she achieves the divine look.

Recruiting Vik

Didi explains she had to live like a wolf, to live amongst the dogs, and that one day “his look” caught her eye, and since that day, anytime someone ogles at her, she doesn’t look away until they turn numb, and she looks inside their soul — “This look saved my life.” She then reveals she made this raid happen to take down Mr. Samar, and she wonders if she should escape to America and asks him to take her to the airport.

Master and the puppet 

And then the episode turns extra trippy for the viewers…

Vik looks mesmerized by her, and he leaves the hotel with her. It looks like he’s under her powers as he guides her through the hotel, and he effortlessly takes out anyone that gets in their way with his newfound powers. Didi even talks through Viki. She’s the master, and Viki is the puppet. Eventually, Didi rides off on a scooter, and Viki collapses.

The next day, Viki tells Roby that Didi is an amazing woman. He believes he’s become an artist now. Viki gets “his look” back, and the media is amazed by his return. His ex smiles, and so does Didi. Vik has been reborn.

Let’s reflect on Ray season 1, episode 4, “Spotlight.”

While episode 7 looks into the soul of an actor going through a crisis, it demonstrates how far some people have to go in order to learn their true selves. In the end, Viki facing his fears with the help of drugs and Didi, and he platformed his best self.

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