Atypical season 4, episode 10 recap – the ending and final ever chapter explained

July 9, 2021
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Goodbye, Atypical, you will be missed.

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Goodbye, Atypical, you will be missed.

This recap of Netflix’s Atypical season 4, episode 10, “Dessert at Olive Garden” — the ending explained (and final ever chapter) — contains spoilers.

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The final ever episode begins with Casey receiving a text from Izzie — she decides to talk to her. Casey doesn’t think it’s fair that she broke up with her and finds it condescending that she thought it would be best for her. Izzie believed she’s been bad for her and ruined things, but Casey cutely disputes that notion. Izzie tells her she is right, and the couple kisses each other, confirming it’s not over. Casey stays over as Izzie’s mother isn’t in…

It’s nice that the final ever episode clears this relationship up. It wouldn’t have been kind to break them up.

What about Alaska?

Sam is frustrated that the Antarctica expedition is canceled because he was the only applicant. However, there is an opportunity for Alaska, but Sam does not feel that is appealing. If he doesn’t go to Alaska, then he’s running out of classes to pick.

Sam wants to realize his dream and has no interest in second-best. Good on him.

Frustrating family dinner

At a family dinner, Casey is still annoyed at her father for nearly breaking her and Izzie up. There’s tension. Sam tells his family that his whole life is dumb now. As for Elsa, she needs to find a nursing home for her mother, who has a degenerative brain disease. The entire family look frustrated.

A motivated Paige

Paige is pumped after quitting her job and has sent letters to “bad-a*s women” asking if they need a self-motivated starter, but Sam tells her not to get her hopes up. His mood hasn’t easily dissipated regarding Antarctica; he gets rid of everything that reminds him of the place.

Later on, Paige reveals one of her letters has led to a big opportunity, but she’d need to start in a week. Sam agrees with her that she should turn it down as it’s too soon, and she seems to agree reluctantly.

Casey is firm on her future

Casey is enjoying her time at her old school, and she’s considering going to Denton rather than UCLA. She tells her mother UCLA is far and she knows nobody there. She is firm on the issue despite her mother trying to persuade her otherwise.

Losing a ball could be a good thing

The finale tries to give some ending for Zahid after his cancer scare.

Zahid goes to Chip’s place, but he’s moved out and he’s surprised to find an attractive young woman called Honey. He’s mesmerised by her. He asks for tools, and she asks if he wants to “nail or screw” anything, making his imagination go wild. Zahid gets nervous, and says “I was just trying to help my friend.” He regrets not taking the opportunity. Paige tells Zahid that it’s good that he sat down with Honey and had a real conversation and that’s how relationships start. Zahid wonders if losing a t******e makes him a better man.

A meeting with Emily from UCLA

Elsa introduces Casey to a woman named Emily from UCLA as a surprise. Casey is annoyed, but her mother tells her she’s spoken about leaving home since young and that she’s always envied how big she dreams and calls her a brave, strong person. Later on, Casey updates Izzie about her meeting with UCLA. Izzie also raises she also spoke to Emily from UCLA. They are excited but promise that if one does not get in, the other one needs to go still. The finale chose to leave their relationship “up in the air,” giving the audience a choice to decide what happens next.

Sam adapts, and Doug wants to join his travels

Sam has an idea to adapt and wants to go to Antarctica on his own as he feels he is prepared. His family seems tentative on the idea, but they support him either way, including Elsa. He heads to the aquarium with his father to talk to penguin Stumpy. His father, Doug, tells Sam he has plenty of vacation days saved up, and he wants to go to Antarctica with him. Sam accepts.

This was a beautiful moment between father and son, which makes sense for both of them. Doug needs a break, especially since his best friend died.

Doug’s apology

Doug apologizes to Casey for what he said to Izzie. Casey explains she wanted him to like Izzie, and that’s all. The father and daughter hug and make up. Casey is so happy that her father is going to Antarctica with Sam.

Dessert at Olive Garden

And then, the audience is presented with the best scene in the final ever episode and one that will resonate with viewers.

Sam goes out with Paige at the Olive Garden restaurant. She explains how they’ve never made it to dessert at Olive Garden as there’s usually been a skirmish. She tells him how happy she is for his trip and that she will miss him. Sam tells Paige that she’s smart and loyal and he knows how many weeks he has been with her. He tells her she’s good at advocating people. Sam feels he has to do the same with her and he thinks she should take the job in Georgia building habitats.

Paige raises she’d be gone for a year, and she’s scared, but Sam calls her the bravest person he knows. Sam knows what this means for their relationship, and they are both emotional. He calls her the best girlfriend in the world, and he thought he’d never have one, but thinks it would be best they break up for a while. Paige thinks he is right, and she hates that he’s right.

Sam then says something wholly philosophical and heartbreakingly romantic — “just because we’re taking a break from being girl and boyfriend, doesn’t mean I’ll ever take a break from being in love with you.” This is the best quote from season 4.

The ending of Atypical season 4, episode 10 

Sam says goodbye to his tortoise Edison and his best friend Zahid — he calls Zahid the best friend ever. As Doug packs, Elsa is panicking slightly, but Doug reassures her and explains that it feels right. They exchange their “I love yous,” and then Casey gives her father a big hug. Casey gives Sam a cut-out photo of her hand so if he does anything stupid, she can smack him from the other side of the world. In return, Sam gives Casey his favorite hoodie. And then his mother Elsa is lost for words, but Casey speaks for her — his mother is proud of him.

The family then has a group hug before Sam and Doug leave. When Sam opens the house door, it transitions to Antarctica. Sam is amazed by what he sees and smiles. He’s realized his dream — what a perfect ending. Goodbye, Atypical, you will be missed.

What did you think of Atypical season 4, episode 10, the final ever episode, and the ending? Comment below. 

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