Biohackers season 2, episode 2 recap – “Enemies”

By Michael Frank
Published: July 9, 2021
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Netflix series Biohackers season 2, episode 2 - Enemies


Christian Ditter’s German series kicks off during episode two, pushing Mia, her relationships, and her revelations to the brink. 

This recap of Netflix’s Biohackers season 2, episode 2, “Enemies,” contains spoilers.

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Biohackers’ sophomore episode of its sophomore season, “Enemies,” moves at a lightning pace. In that way, it’s the polar opposite of episode one, forcing actor Luna Wedler as Mia to continue to survive amongst the most stressful of circumstances. Christian Ditter’s German drama opens with Mia once again opening her eyes in a new place, this time at Niklas’s (Thomas Prenn) apartment in Strausberg. She, and we, are disoriented, a staple in Biohackers.

After tracking down Professor Tanja Lorenz (Jessica Schwarz), Mia, void of answers, visits her therapist, the one she can’t remember ever hiring. Lorenz won’t help her. Her therapist is giving her files to another unnamed person. And as the world seems to be against Mia, her health begins to fail, with increasing hallucinations, nose bleeds, and difficulty with her motor functions. 

“Enemies” gives space to the show’s tertiary characters, specifically Lorenz and Mia’s roommate, Lotta (Caro Cult), likely the supporting character with the least amount of lines. Her role expands, as the story begins to swell around both her and Mia, a relationship that never seemed out-of-the-ordinary. Their friendship has never been the focus, though Lotta was the first person Mia meets during season one, the first other character that helps introduce this slightly futuristic setting. 

Lotta’s involvement in Mia’s memory lapses and her kidnapping suddenly becomes unapparent. It’s cloudy, and because Ditter has given the audience little information about her. She’s somewhat of a mystery, a flirty, blonde girl that didn’t get the same recognition as the others. She kept the show light, but the second season gives her an expanded role, one that Cult takes on. 

After Lorenz is told by her lawyer that the district attorney looks to sentence her to 15 years in prison, she concedes to telling Mia who kidnapped her: Baron Wolfgang von Fürstenberg (Thomas Kretschmann), Lotta’s father. A man of considerable wealth who funds special research projects, Wolfgang orchestrated Mia’s current health issues, and that’s the bombshell that ends the episode. 

Though this revelation becomes the lasting impression of “Enemies,” an apt title once the secret gets out, it’s more a showcase for Lotta and Lorenz, the latter of whom shows emotion for one of the first times. She’s not the only evil one in this show. Actually, she’s not even close to being the evilest person that Mia has come in contact with, and so she becomes an unlikely ally. 

Biohackers continually shifts our perspectives of these characters, forcing watchers to reevaluate preconceived ideas of these people, showing the goodness and wickedness that exists within each of them. Ditter did this with Jasper and Niklas in the first season. He’s done it once again with Lorenz and Lotta in season two. It’s part of what makes the series so compelling, besides the thrills, action, twists, and biohacking to name a few great aspects of the season through two episodes. 

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