Never Have I Ever season 2, episode 2 recap – “… thrown a rager”

July 15, 2021
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Two-timing is a playa’s game, and episode 2 shows the intricacies of pulling it off in a comedic chapter with serious consequences.

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Two-timing is a playa’s game, and episode 2 shows the intricacies of pulling it off in a comedic chapter with serious consequences.

This recap of Netflix’s Never Have I Ever season 2, episode 2, “… thrown a rager,” does not contain spoilers.

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Deciding to be a player, Devi receives two texts from her boyfriends Ben and Paxton. Her friends help her maneuver, so they don’t find out. Her life as a double-girlfriend is efficient. Devi decides she wants to throw a massive going-away party, but of course, that means errands and dealing with her boyfriends. She decides Paxton should come, not Ben, but Ben finds out about it after hearing Eleanor talk about it. Learning of this, Devi decides to uninvite Paxton.

Despite the efficiency, the audience knows this is going to end terribly.

Dr. Ryan warns Devi about hurting people’s feelings

And so does the therapist, it seems…

Devi visits Dr. Jamie Ryan, and she tells her she’s cramming in her American dating now and has two boyfriends. Dr. Ryan feels she’s making questionable decisions due to the stress of moving to India. She feels she’s going to hurt these two guys.

A visit to India

The whole story feels slightly on hold due to Nalini’s plans for India, but episode 2 highlights that the grass is not necessarily greener on the other side.

Nalini visits India and meets her mother, Amma. The mother wonders if she should be less aspirational in India. Nalini’s mother-in-law keeps ringing her, but she hasn’t got the social energy to have dinner with her. But she does anyway. Nalini is fed by her and receives a head massage, and she had forgotten what it was like to be taken care of. The mother-in-law asks Nalini if she has family support. When Nalini returns to her mother, the family tries to set her up with a man, which irks her. She realizes she doesn’t have a support system in India — she isn’t going to move back to the country.

Of course, this has ramifications for Devi…

Uninviting Paxton but then planning a “rager.”

Devi tells Paxton that it’s an all-girls party, but Paxton is difficult. She explains again that it’s all-girls, and it was Eleanor’s idea. They arrange to see each other another time. However, Devi feels uneasy and decides her party should be made into a “rager,” so it’s less likely that Paxton and Ben find out that she’s with them both.

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The “rager”

Before the party, she asks her friends if she’s doing the right thing, but they reassure her it will be fine. The party starts, and Paxton and Ben arrive at the same time. Fortunately, the robotics team causes a diversion, so she doesn’t have to greet them. However, the issue remains, and it feels more stressful than it is worth, as she tries to keep both guys on opposites sides of the house.

Feeling left out

At the party, Fabiola is still struggling with Eve and her gay friends. She cannot seem to relate, and it’s making her uncomfortable.

The same bedroom

Paxton and Ben both end up in Devi’s bedroom, which is awkward. Paxton is also leaning on Devi’s pros and cons list. Meanwhile, Devi overhears a girl named Zoe talking about Paxton, and she asks her if she’s dating him. Fabiola heads to Devi’s bedroom and tells both guys to leave. Eve finds Fabiola in Devi’s bedroom, and she knows Fab is struggling with her friends and says they should hook up instead.

The truth is out

It’s all very complicated up until this point, where the truth simplifies the situation.

Devi gets annoyed with Zoe and her friends and tells them that she’s dating Paxton. Ben overhears. Her cover is blown. Ben tells Paxton that they are dating the same person. Devi confirms that they are, and she likes them both. Paxton is annoyed, and he storms off. Ben stands there looking in shock.

The ending of Never Have I Ever season 2, episode 2

And episode 2 ends in serious circumstances — as Dr. Ryan predicted, both boys will be hurt by Devi’s actions.

Devi chases after Paxton, but he is hit by a car as he walks into the road. The commotion is spread all over social media. Devi knows she has really hurt Paxton, so she listens to her father’s voicemail for comfort.

When Nalini returns, she tells Devi they are not moving to India, but her mother-in-law Pati is moving in. Devi will have to face the music at school!

Additional points
  • Malcolm speaks to Eleanor at the party, and he asks her to show her around, sparking up a potential new romance.
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