Deep (2021) ending explained – do the students manage to escape?

By Romey Norton
Published: July 16, 2021
ending of the Thai Netflix film Deep - 2021

This article discusses the ending of the Thai Netflix film Deep (2021), so it will contain major spoilers.

In a nutshell, this film is all about sleep deprivation in the name of science. The concept is both weird and wrong. We have students who are insomniacs battling sleep. Which should be easy for them? They instantly start asking if anyone is afraid. Well, of course, they’re not because it’s only been one day and you’re used to not sleeping, so why should you be scared? (Honestly, I was shouting at the screen) Also, they’re always about to fall asleep in the middle of something instead of when they’re not doing anything. 

There are multiple levels of this programme. So we watch the students stay awake, get injected, get money and stay awake. I was excited to see what happens if/when they fall asleep, and after 33 minutes, still, no one had fallen asleep. One character almost did and started to hear voices and hit his friend during a basketball game, but that’s it. 

Then there is a weird pool party scene to stay awake, which cuts to a band playing — very teen, American High School vibes. There’s a cheeky kiss. Probably the most exciting thing to happen in almost an hour. One character falls ASLEEP. It looks as if she is about to die; with the other characters giving her CPR, she gasps for air and comes back to life. It doesn’t really make sense. The four of them then decide to quit the programme. Even the promise of more money isn’t enough. 

Then, they all enjoy a night’s sleep. These insomniacs are so asleep that they’re sleeping through their alarms. Now, Jane’s younger sister is on the “dangerous” programme to help pay for their sick grandma’s treatment. Then Jane goes back on the programme. If she can get all her friends to come back and join the programme, the doctor will remove the implant from her sister. So Jane heads and begs her friends to come back on the programme, and they do. 

Towards the end, it’s revealed that the kind teacher we meet at the beginning is behind the programme—a predictable, rubbish plot twist. The now five students are stuck in one room, trying to escape. The professor says she will remove the chips and take them off the programme once they have finished the programme. They are afraid they will die, but they knew/thought this before, which is why they left the programme.

They escape. We learn why the professor has created this programme and why she is paying so much — for the love of her life. To bring him back. 

Netflix’s Deep (2021) ending

My favourite line is when the professor addresses Jane and says, “do you know what it feels like to lose someone you love? I know you do, Jane” — honestly, that should sum it up. The professor then goes on a rampage, trying to inject everyone to put them to sleep. You’d think five against one would be an easy fight, but Jane still manages to get injected and collapses and almost dies. They all survive. A point is made that no one gets paid for level three. There’s then a montage of them all happy and able to sleep.

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