Racket Boys episode 16 recap – the finale/ending explained

By Daniel Hart
Published: August 9, 2021
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Netflix k-drama series Racket Boys season 1, episode 16 - the finale/ending explained


The finale of season 1 sees many sweet sentiments and the usual warm conclusions.

This recap of Netflix k-drama series Racket Boys season 1, episode 16 — the finale/ending explained — contains spoilers.

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Well, after plenty of delays and rescheduling due to the Olympics, Racket Boys finally comes to a close. The last episode is as sweet as sentimental as well expect it to be as the writers find closure on these special characters.

Racket Boys episode 16 recap – the finale

To open up the finale, Woo-chan and Hae-kang double up against Park Chan and his partner, and they win their first game, which is intense. Due to Hae-kang’s eye injury, he didn’t see the angle of the shuttlecock, which results in them losing the second set. It all goes down to the third and final set. Park Chan has Hae-kang figured out and is playing to the right of him, knowing it’s his weakness.

Park Chan and his partner continue to take advantage of Hae-kang’s injury, but Coach Fang thinks it’s weird that Park Chan has continued the same attacking patterns. Coach Hyeon-jong gives his boys advice, and the set is intensely close, with a tie break. It’s becoming a significant match, and the boys on both teams are showing it. It’s revealed that Hae-kang planned to show their weakness before a surprise attack. Hae-kang and Woo-chan win the tie break and win the doubles match final, and there’s elation all around. Jeonnam beat Seoul in the National Junior Sports Festival.

Afterward, Se-yoon is emotional as she meets Hae-kang in the corridor. He beat Park Chan as promised, and he tells Se-yoon that he likes her more than everything. Park Chan is devastated as he watches, but flashbacks show how Se-yoon has been telling Park Chan all along that she likes someone else. Yong-tae is also enjoying a romance with A-yeong, who asks him why he never answers his calls. It seems all the boys are enjoying their individual romances to round off the K-Drama series.

Later on, Hae-kang is part of a draft match for the national team, and his father is pumped — he wants him to win. Regardless of the outcome, he states he will be a proud father. His opponent is Kang Tae-seon. This is a brilliant moment for Coach Bae and Hyeon-jong to see both boys play against each other. Both coaches are suddenly competitive against each other.

After the draft match, Hae-kang finds Se-yoon outside, and he’s emotional. They both look longingly into each other’s eyes, and Hae-kang cries. Se-yoon hugs him as he cries. This is confirmation he lost, but Se-yoon tells him that he did well. Kang Tae-seon has secured his comeback. Hae-kang will get another chance as he’s young enough, but the loss hits the player hard.

The finale ending

For In-sol’s birthday, the group of friends decides to go to the beach together. In-sol tells Hae-kang he wants him to be himself again as they are all worried about him. Hae-kang soon returns to his usual cheeky self. As the others run away on the beach, Hae-kang and Se-yoon walk together and hold hands. Se-yoon is elated by Hae-kang’s courage to reach for her hand.

The Olympics are around the corner, and Se-yoon is taking plenty of interviews with the press. The boys are also interviewed in the lead-up to the Games, so they all dress up like celebrities. So does Ra Yeong-ja. In a solo interview, Hyeon-jong gets emotional and sobs at his appreciation for the boys. When the boys see the video, they all sob too.

The final of season 1 sees many sweet sentiments and the usual warm conclusions. Many will wonder if there will be a second season — there’s definitely scope for it.

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