Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild review – basic but fun

August 12, 2021
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It’s suitable for all ages, so it could be something great for kids. 

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It’s suitable for all ages, so it could be something great for kids. 

This review of the Netflix film Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild does not contain spoilers.

Netflix’s Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild is an animated movie based on the Monster Hunter video games. In this world, humans and monsters must co-exist. The hunters track and kill the monsters in order to protect mankind. In this film, we follow a young boy called Aiden, who desperately wants to become a hunter. Like all developing heroes, Adien is mentored and then is put to the test when he has to fight the elder dragon. He meets Julius, the Ace Commander at the start of his journey, with the goal of saving his village from an oncoming Lunastra. (An attack from the Elder Dragon) 

When watching this film I was taken back to my days of playing Zelda and Skyrim. Admittedly, I have only played the Monster Hunter games a few times, however, you don’t need to have played the games to understand the film and what is going on. 

The storyline developed nicely, as each reference to the game is relevant to the plot, which made for a well-paced story. I felt as if there could be more; that they could have possibly developed this into a short television series. The film being under an hour made it feel more like an episode than a film. The storyline is basic, so the film is nothing amazing. I felt as if a lot of really important story arcs weren’t given the gravity they deserve and they could have been developed more. The ending fight scene is very underwhelming and feels rushed. 

The characters are quirky, cheesy, fun and easy to watch. They work and balance together well. You have the pro, the student and the fun sidekick on an adventure, meeting helpful friends along the way. Although, I feel their relationships could have been developed and built more, with a longer story-line. There is room for more conflict, romance and friendships. Aiden’s character is young, annoying, sloppy but tries hard so you want him to succeed. Julius is a strong, charming know-it-all. The Ace Gunner, Nadia, is carefree, and has joined in so she can fire the big gun, a solid female fighter. Mae is the opposite for a hunter. She’s not as serious, she’s funny, she’s a nerdy scientist, showing a new and different side to a hunter. All four have great grounds for deeper story-lines and interactions. 

I recommend this film If you enjoyed the film How To Train Your Dragon, or you’re a fan of video games. It’s suitable for all ages, so could be something great for kids. 

What do you think of the Netflix film Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild? Comment below. 

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