The Kissing Booth 3 ending explained – do Elle and Noah end up together?

August 12, 2021
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This article discusses the ending of the Netflix film The Kissing Booth 3, so will contain major spoilers.

Elle and Noah’s romance comes to an end in The Kissing Booth 3, the third and final installment of the teen rom-com trilogy. For so long, she’s been subscribing to the dreams of the men in her life — her best friend and her boyfriend. Though Noah had the intentions of getting an apartment for the both of them should Elle attend Harvard. If only he knew. 

Netflix’s The Kissing Booth 3 ending explained

Things go off to a shaky start with a childish Lee upset that Elle was considering Harvard, despite their childhood dreams to attend UC Berkeley. Not only that, Elle has to make it up to Lee and follow their childhood bucket list with Noah and Lee’s girlfriend, Rachel. Sounds easy? It was fun to see the development of their friendship since the first movie but was there much character development? Lee was still the childish best friend and Elle was the same girl, always cognisant of his feelings. It wasn’t bad that Elle was considerate of his feelings but sometimes she prioritised the feelings of Noah and Lee before herself — leaving her in the battle between Harvard and UC Berkeley, wanting to please her boyfriend and her best friend. But, what about herself? She can’t always be the beck and call for a childish best friend and insecure boyfriend who runs off whenever he’s upset.

As she balances the bucket list, it doesn’t make it easier when Marco steps onto the scene and tags along. Coupled with her insecure boyfriend, best friend and another guy — Elle is always at the core of handling these boys’ feelings, ensuring that there’s no arguments, fights and other confrontations. Except, she’s failed many times when Noah aggressively hits Marco during a volleyball game and Marco returns one back to him, or during the Mario Kart racing when Noah and Marco constantly run into each other. Some may say it was out of jealousy or trying to impress Elle but like myself, Elle wasn’t impressed either.

After spending the entire summer trying to make Noah and Lee happy, she sort of forgets herself. What about her happiness? This is such a common trope where the girl sacrifices her happiness at the expense of the men in her life. It only got worse when she and Lee were arguing after she forgot to meet him at the arcade. Childish much? 

Luckily, Elle redeems herself and gains a much-needed reality check from Mrs. Flynn about her college choices. She never expressed her personal interests and kept Noah and Lee’s interests above hers. I wonder if she didn’t talk with Mrs. Flynn, even after her breakup with Noah, would she have made the choice on her own to apply for USC, or did she need that extra push? From the minor argument with her dad, her outburst at his girlfriend, arguments with her boyfriend and best friend — it was clear that she wasn’t in the best space to think for herself with everyone’s issues on her mind.

Now, the important question — who does Elle end up with? Marco or Noah? I’m happy to say that she chose herself in the end — something she should have done since the first film but for the sake of the cliche rom-com trope, it worked out in the end. No more boy stress on her head and instead, college stress like every other student. Saying tearful goodbyes to her ex, Noah, it reminds the audience about the importance of putting yourself first. Though I found Noah to be insecure, he rightfully mentioned how loving one another was not enough and accepting the need to move on. 

Yet, six years down the line — they meet again at the Charity Fair, where it all started with the Kissing Booth.  It appears that her friendship with Lee is still intact as we see him with his fiance, Rachel at the Charity Fair too. Boasting a new haircut and developing a new video game, Elle and Noah, an up-and-coming city lawyer, reunite. It’s been a ride and it’s finally the end of an era, bringing our journey with The Kissing Booth series to a close.

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