Nine Perfect Strangers Season 1 Episode 3 Recap – “Earth Day”

By Daniel Hart
Published: August 18, 2021 (Last updated: November 18, 2023)
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Hulu series Nine Perfect Strangers episode 3 recap


The health and wellbeing resort intensifies, and thus, so does the story, as our characters feel they are being tested for the first time.

This recap of the Hulu series Nine Perfect Strangers Season 1 Episode 3 contains spoilers. 

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The sinister vibe shining through this series is starting to grow, and it’s no wonder why Hulu decided to leave the audience on episode 3 as it begins its weekly formatted. The chapter leaves us wondering what the hell is going on.

Nine Perfect Strangers Season 1 Episode 3 Recap

Masha opens the episode by saying, “today, we give ourselves to the Earth.” Delilah tells Masha that she doesn’t think the participants are ready; in the last episode, Masha says she wants to start the protocol and assures her it will all be okay. At breakfast, the characters are told that the day is about connecting with mother earth. Lars says he can feel the tension between Ben and Jessica — he says it in an antagonistic way and then focuses on Carmel, which is strange. It’s as if he’s up to something. Lars gets under Carmel’s skin too much, and she attacks him. Delilah reports the attack to Masha, but Yao says the situation is under control. Masha then tells Yao that Delilah is tense and tells Yao to appreciate her.

Napoleon is excited about his 1 on 1 with Masha. He’s clearly appreciative of Masha’s work. Masha asks Napoleon how his wife is, and he admits very quickly that his wife is broken after their son died from suicide. He opens up and states how, statistically, suicide is the biggest cause of death in young people — he goes on about “irony” and how he teaches about “being the masters of our own fate” as a teacher. And then, he states he isn’t broken. Masha tells Napoleon to close his eyes, breathe and picture his son. He’s immediately uncomfortable, but he imagines his son. Napoleon lies about what he sees and asks if he can go. Masha clearly proves that he is broken.

While walking through the forest, Ben recognizes Tony suddenly — he used to be a star American Football player, and suddenly, others recognize his fame. Tony gets irritable and tells Ben not to refer to him as his old self. Meanwhile, near the river, Delilah strips off in front of the woman and gets in the water; she says it is optional. Tensions rise between Carmel and Jessica as they discuss Instagram, and it is clear Carmel has anger issues. Meanwhile, the men believe they found the avocado tree, but there’s only one avocado. Tony is worried there is no food, but Yao tells him it isn’t meant to be easy.

In the water, Jessica’s insecurities come out after Carmel made a comment about her Instagram earlier. She doesn’t feel she is pretty. Carmel admits when she sees pretty young women, she wants to punch them in the face. The conversation turns to Francis; she doesn’t feel present and is recording the moment. She doesn’t feel like they are real people to them. Heather then reveals she had sex 3 years ago and wishes she knew it was the last time. She doesn’t feel sex is possible for her anymore and thinks Napoleon should have an affair.

The hungry men find a goat, and some of them consider killing the animal. As Tony runs after the animal, he experiences flashes of memories of playing American Football. Tony carries the dead animal back with the men, and the women are shocked. Masha sees what has happened, and Lars believes she wanted them to be barbaric. She’s proud that they lived off the land and wants to celebrate with a grand banquet.

Masha is definitely surprised, and she heads to her room and breathes hastily. Yao checks up on her. He tells her that the group felt the power, but he apologizes for her loss. He hugs Masha, and she cries.

The ending

In the evening, the group enjoy a large fire outside and let loose. Francis asks Tony if it is true that he was a professional football player and wonders why he never mentioned it. She assumed his secret was much worse. Tony feels he can relate to Francis about “not being good at something anymore.” Meanwhile, Lars tells Delilah that he wants his apple watch back, but it turns into a strange, sensual conversation.

Masha starts the banquet and raises a toast to a successful “Earth Day.” Napoleon stands up to give a speech and says there are little signs before a young person commits suicide — he states that he finds it incredible. The man has clearly not processed the death of his son as he slurs his words as he gets increasingly emotional talking about him at the table. He then reveals that he killed the goat. Heather stands up and holds her husband’s hand — she then asks Masha if she’s been medicating them. Masha smiles to close out the episode. What does that smile mean? We’ll have to wait until next week!

Additional points

  • Ben reveals to the male group that he won the lottery, and that’s where his riches came from.

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