Truth Be Told season 2, episode 1 recap – the opening chapter explained

By Daniel Hart
Published: August 20, 2021
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Apple TV+ Truth Be Told season 2, episode 1


Shoddily introducing a new character and quickly surfacing a new case, Truth Be Told continues the jagged storytelling that hurt the first season.

This recap of Apple TV+’s Truth Be Told season 2, episode 1, “Other People’s Tears Are Only Water,” contains spoilers.

Well, folks, we are back, and despite Truth Be Told not receiving the critical acclaim, it managed to secure a second season. I’ll be honest, I’m surprised. I didn’t think highly of the first season. Season 2 presents a new case for Poppy, who will again have to take risks to discover the truth.

Truth Be Told season 2, episode 1 recap

Episode 1 of season 2 opens with Micah (played by Kate Hudson) wandering her wealthy estate and telling the audience that she was preyed on for 2 decades. She struggles to sleep, so she sleeps in her car. The series is clearly making Micah a divisive, curious figure. And then, it’s revealed that Micah is close friends with Poppy, and the pair catch up at a bar; Micah is an artist and an author (how cliche). She apologizes for not being there for Poppy when she was struggling (It’s funny when writers try to write around new characters — this was unnecessary).

Later at a party celebrating Micah’s work, Micah’s husband Joshua shows up, and he’s weird with Poppy, mumbling Russian words. Micah gives a speech regarding her struggle, and interestingly, Joshua was not there for it.

When they go back to Micah’s apartment, Poppy finds Joshua dead, in the arms of a younger man (who is also dead). There’s shock early in the episode; this is way more personal than season 1. Inspector Aames comes to the scene, and he’s immediately curious and asks about Joshua’s latest documentary (it was a Russian story). Before the crime scene is closed, Micah wants a lock of Josh’s hair. You can tell Inspector Aames wants the case closed and makes a quippy remark about Poppy’s podcast.

After episode 1 sets the base for the story, it diverts to Markus, who is getting racially profiled by the police, and his wife comes to help him. Poppy arrives and talks to him about the Joshua Keith murder — she asks for his security to protect Micah. Of course, he can’t help himself when it comes to Poppy accepts the job. He soon learns that Micah receives plenty of hate mail.

Micah is feeling the grief and pain and the embarrassment that her husband was found in the arms of another man. Poppy tells her friend to grieve, but Micah wants the truth — hey presto, this is where Poppy’s new true-crime podcast comes back to the fold!

As the episode closes, Micah finds comfort at Poppy’s place. Poppy tells her she will do a podcast about Joshua and thus, records the first episode and states that she believes Joshua was speaking from the grave. It really didn’t take long for Poppy to come back to the fold — deep down, she must love it.

Additional points for 

  • Shreve doesn’t want to make a big deal about his illness to his family.
  • Poppy speaks to Inspector Aames and tells him to do his job as she’s concerned the case has been closed as a murder-suicide.

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