Sweet Girl ending explained – do Ray and Rachel get the justice they’re after?

By Kira Comerford
Published: August 20, 2021
ending of the Netflix film Sweet Girl

This article discusses the ending of the Netflix film Sweet Girl, so will contain major spoilers.

Sweet Girl is an action-thriller that follows Ray (Jason Momoa) and Rachel (Isabela Merced) as they seek justice against the pharmaceutical company responsible for pulling a drug that could’ve potentially saved their loved one. Over the space of a few years, they try to get to the person responsible and find out why they made the decision that ultimately ruined their lives.

Ray and Rachel go on a rampage of revenge that leaves a trail of bodies and destruction, inevitably attracting the attention of the FBI as well as that of every other man and his dog in law enforcement. The pair are forced to go on the run in order to evade capture so that they can complete the mission that they’ve pretty much given their lives to. Of course, the time comes where they have to face off with their pursuers, which culminates in the moment that for many, the film will live or die by.

Basically, we learn that everything up to now has been a result of Rachel’s actions, because Ray actually died when he got stabbed on the train. She had undertaken this crusade against Big Pharma in her dad’s honour, hence why we see him completing all of the action up to this point. 

Netflix film Sweet Girl ending explained

But, with the big twist now untwisted, we see Rachel in all her glory. Despite ending up inside an ambulance semi-conscious and with an FBI agent as her new best friend, she manages to break free in order to finish what she started. From here, she goes on to confront Diana Morgan (Amy Brenneman) – the head of the snake responsible for the unravelling of her whole life – but before she can do this, she has to take on contract killer Amos Santos (Manuel Garcia-Rulfo) employed by Morgan to protect her career. The pair fight, but fortunately for Rachel, Morgan never checked Amos’ reviews on RateMyKiller.com before any money exchanged hands, and it just so happens that he is the sloppiest hitman in the world, meaning Rachel finally (finally!) gets some face-time with Morgan where she learns why she sold-out on her whole ‘healthcare for all’ stance.

At this point, it looks like Sweet Girl is going to go out with a whimper as opposed to a shout because Rachel promptly leaves upon hearing her confession, however, little did everyone know she was recording the whole thing. She emails the voice memo to the FBI, with the story making headlines as she flies off to lands unknown.

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