Vacation Friends ending explained – will Marcus be able to get rid of Ron?

By Marc Miller
Published: August 27, 2021 (Last updated: February 17, 2024)
ending of the Hulu film Vacation Friends

This article discusses the ending of the Hulu film Vacation Friends, so will contain major spoilers

When Marcus (Lil Rel Howrey) and Emily (Yvonne Orji) met Ron (John Cena) and Kyla (Meredith Hagner), they thought they would leave their time together behind them. The tequila. The crashing of the catamarans. Shooting empty bottles of alcohol on one’s head. The margarita glasses were dusted with cocaine; the magical threesomes, same-sex partner swaps, and forehead kisses. You go your separate ways, and you then promise to keep in touch. Vacation friends do enjoy enchanted times.

Hulu’s Vacation Friends ending explained

But Marcus and Emily never call them. Even if Ron and Kyla stepped in to be the best man and maid of honor as they elope. Sure, Ron and Kyla got them loose and ripped those sticks out of you know what, that were planted there for decades. When they crash the wedding their family throws for them (and they don’t know about the eloping), they are terrified. For one, Ron crashed his park ranger truck through the hotel fence. Second, the mercurial couple has zero filters.

However, like most uninvited guest comedies, everyone likes them more than the couple at the center of attention. They find out Ron is a former Green Beret, and so is Emily’s father (Howard Wisdom, “Bunny” from The Wire fame), who happens to hate Marcus. Kyla is a healer, giving holistic medicine to Emily’s beloved grandmother that relieves her pain and has her talking for the first time in years. So, how could anyone hate good old Ron and Kyla?

During that magical vacation, Marcus has a memory that he slept with Kyla, and Ron hints that Marcus is the father. She is seven months pregnant. So, when their new best friends give a toast at the rehearsal dinner and are about to spill the big news in front of Emily’s family, Marcus steps up when so many men won’t. He admits it’s his child. He slept with Kyla, and he owns this responsibility.

Except, you know what they say about assumptions. They were hinting at naming their child after Marcus. He didn’t sleep with Kyla. It was Emily (remember, “magical”). It is confusing since Ron announced he was sterile. Don’t worry. He explains that after cliff jumping in the sea, “My balls work, man. My balls work because of you.” All hell breaks loose. Marcus punches Emily’s brother, families begin to throw lawmakers, and Marcus and Emily tell off their “vacation” friends, cutting them deep by telling them they never invited them to their wedding, and they are not friends.

The next morning, they naturally feel awful. And even worse when they read the note from Kyla. She tells them Ron has been since he lost his best friend, and she felt Emily was like the sister she never had (she has a sister, but she’s a “bitch”). They search for them by looking in every Waffle House in Atlanta (Ron and Kyla’s favorite restaurant). They patch things up, announce they will get married too, and want their friends to be there as they get hitched back where they all met in Mexico.

In the final scene, Marcus announces their “vacation” friends are their best friends.

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