Money Heist season 5, episode 3 recap – “Welcome to the Spectacle of Life”

September 3, 2021
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Episode 3 brings a mix of emotions; new life and mortality are brought to the frame as an impending war is on the horizon.

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Episode 3 brings a mix of emotions; new life and mortality are brought to the frame as an impending war is on the horizon.

This recap of Netflix’s Money Heist season 5, episode 3, “Welcome to the Spectacle of Life,” contains spoilers. 

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The variables in season 5 are incredible. There’s absolutely no way of predicting how this is going to end. Episode 3 brought a bittersweet moment, but also, it’s clear that the war has now truly begun.

Money Heist season 5, episode 3 recap

Episode 3 opens with Stockholm desperate to revive Arturo after shooting him — she’s upset; there’s shock as Arturo has no pulse. Desperately performing CPR, eventually, the heist team manage to get a pulse, and Stockholm demands they get Arturo to the hospital. Palmero is against the idea, but Lisbon insists that they help the hostage. Arturo is taken into an ambulance, and then it suddenly hits Stockholm — she feels she has ruined “plan B” for her son — the regret she is holding is intense. Manila tries reassuring her, but it may take a while for Stockholm to move past this.

Outside the bank, the Governor is giving Arturo information on the heist team — he was released with Arturo. Tamayo wants everyone to think the heist team are murderers, and he holds a press conference, calling Sierra a traitor.

As for Sierra, she is still with Professor, Benjamin and Marseille — they are all tied up. As she continues to antagonize the Professor, it’s revealed on the news that Sierra is seen as a lone wolf and a traitor that helped the heist team. Tamayo and his team have fabricated against her. If she’s captured, she will be imprisoned. This changes everything, and Sierra is struggling to manage her thoughts on what to do next. The Professor has her where he wants her. But then, in a predictable twist that is welcomed, her water breaks. Sierra finds herself breathing through contractions as Professor tries to give advice.

And then we reach a pivotal point in Money Heist season 5, episode 3. Sierra is struggling to give birth by herself as Professor watches on nervously, repeatedly trying to offer help which she declines. He tells her that she is condemning her own child and that Tamayo betrayed her — she’s running out of time. However, Sierra refuses to give up, but then the Professor reveals she has a breech and needs to use her hand to pull her baby out. Sierra has no choice — she frees Professor and the others so they can help.

The ending

As we reach the end, the beginning of the war brews; Tamayo plans the attack with his army unit led by Sagasta; Angel raises his concerns angrily this time and states how horrified he is that Tamayo condemned Sierra, an innocent person. Inside the bank, Palmero prepares the heist team for an attack from the army — they know Sierra has been ousted, so this riles them up and offers hope. Palmero plans the defence and how they will attack. They soon learn that the army is going to blow the roof.

Episode 3 ends with a strange mix of emotions — Professor helps pull the baby out for Sierra — it’s a successful birth that gives all the thrills of a newborn baby. At the same time, the roof of the bank is blown, and Professor sees what’s happened on the news.

Episode 3 brings a mix of emotions; new life and mortality are brought to the frame as an impending war is on the horizon.

Additional points

  • Stockholm tells Denver that they feel like they’ve pushed their luck too far.
  • Rio and Tokyo have a “second first kiss” to make up.
  • There’s a Berlin flashback with his son, and they are chilling with Marseille, Bogota and Tatiana. They talk about stealing Viking treasure from a castle at a prestigious event for classical music, but the son thinks they are stealing precious art and protests.

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