JJ+E ending explained – revenge and young teen love

September 9, 2021
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This article discusses the ending of the Netflix film JJ+E, so it will contain major spoilers.

As JJ (played by Mustapha Aarab) and Elisabeth (played by Elsa Öhrn) come from different worlds, they are always sneaking around. With JJ being abused at home, getting beaten up and robbed by gang members, he isn’t exactly Elisabeth’s father’s ideal choice, but they date anyway. I mean, their interactions in their classes and outside of school were very transparent, it was expected.

From bringing each other into different worlds, they came to learn more about each other’s lives — no matter how difficult it may be. From inviting JJ to her birthday party and introducing Elisabeth to his circle in inner-city Stockholm, home to thriving minority communities.

Netflix film JJ+E ending explained

We come to learn more about their privileges at drama school, with JJ’s goal of being an actor but having more difficulties in achieving this dream because of his socioeconomic status — something they both have in common. Their social statuses are worlds apart but their love for acting brings them together. With that, JJ makes the first move at the school, mentioning how he saved Patricia but luckily for him, Elisabeth remembered and they hit it off from there. But it’s not a teen drama without either of them stalking their Instagram accounts and other forms of social media. I think what I really appreciated about the film is how it was so reflective of the realities of teenagers, actively incorporating different forms of social media.

One night, JJ is walking Elisabeth back to her house but they encounter trouble on the way from a neighboring gang. Unfortunately, JJ was wearing an expensive watch and gets robbed, leaving Elisabeth in shock until her father comes to pick her up. The robbery scene was quite mid because it’s overdone. Not only this but after her father picks her up, he gives her a speech about her privilege as a young white teen in Stockholm and how she could have gotten hurt. But if only he knew, that did not stop her from seeing JJ. Meanwhile, his mother is comforting him about his teenage heartbreak. Instead, that same evening, he does the classic romance scene — in the rain, throwing rocks at Elisabeth’s window — either you hate it or love it, but it seems like it’s here to stay. And it’s not exactly difficult to guess what happens next, after all, it is your standard teen film with tons of chemistry.

Towards the end, JJ seeks vengeance over the murder of his friend, Sluggo, and in retaliation, he gets arrested. Expected, but what’s annoying is that Elisabeth too followed his lead and was arrested. They literally ended the film with them in handcuffs, kissing at the back of a police van. Whilst it’s not surprising that young teens in love can do stupid things (not murdering others) but wanting to get arrested because of your boyfriend wasn’t on my list of expectations. Despite this, I still enjoyed the film because I am a sucker for anything related to teens and it was nice to see life as a teenager in Stockholm from different socioeconomic backgrounds.

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