Come From Away ending explained – will the come-from-aways find their way home?

By Marc Miller
Published: September 10, 2021 (Last updated: February 1, 2023)
ending of the Apple TV plus film Come From Away

This article discusses the ending of the Apple TV+ film Come From Away, so it contains spoilers. 

Ready Steady Cut Film Critic, M.N. Miller, called Come From Away, “…a rousing entertainment.”

Apple TV+’s Come From Away ending explained

Come From Away is, at its core, a culture clash story. You have your pushy, worried Americans. The locals that live up to legendary Canadian hospitality. And of course, how, despite everyone coming together, the bias and stereotypes exist even after offering an empathetic hand.

Take, for instance, the ending in Come From Away. The passengers and crew gather to leave their new, found land (yup, I just did that), then trade stories of the extraordinary kindness they were given. As they return home, they must face the reality of what has happened. The United States was under attack, and like in real life, nothing was the same.

Except for Ali (Caesar Samayoa), who was targeted and feared as the news broke. Even after the characters displayed empathy and kindness, he was still subject to an embarrassing strip search at the airport before flying home. Some things just never changed. You can call them irrational fears, but freedoms still took a holiday that week. 

Come From Away has a lot in common with stories about older adults, in the sense that our senior citizens are cast aside as past their prime and unimportant. The Gander International Airport used to be one of the most important land spots in the world, a gateway to the transatlantic, and the locals took pride in it. They had fallen on hard times. Though that spot is still preferred by airlines and the military in case of emergencies, technology has practically made their airport obsolete. Planes can travel twice as far with larger gas tanks. They took Operation Yellow Ribbon, the name for diverting 38 flights to that northeast most point in North America, and showed great empathy when the world needed it the most.

Not a bad job, eh?

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