Truth Be Told season 2, episode 4 recap – “In Another Life”

By Daniel Hart
Published: September 10, 2021
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Apple TV+ series Truth Be Told season 2, episode 4 - In Another Life


Truth Be Told improves this week, but only because it brings further tragedy and twists.

This recap of Apple TV+’s Truth Be Told season 2, episode 4, “In Another Life,” contains spoilers.

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Welcome back, folks. Truth Be Told is enjoying its funerals at the moment as episode 4 brings another tragedy, and Micah ain’t looking too angelic as the story progresses.

Truth Be Told season 2, episode 4 recap

After the dramatic ending of episode 3, the fourth chapter opens with Ramon accusing Micah of betraying him, and he’s absolutely furious. Micah tries to calm him down, but eventually, she has no choice but to threaten him with a knife, so he leaves — he was getting way too aggressive. When Poppy arrives, she is worried about Micah, but Micah refuses to press charges. Meanwhile, a fretting Markus wants a new security set-up for Micah (I’m not surprised, he’s doing a terrible job so far).

And then tragedy strikes; as Markus heads to see Ramon, the man falls from a high floor of a hotel — Ramon is badly injured, and he dies on the scene. Markus sees a suspicious figure nearby and chases after him — he believes Ramon was pushed, but predictably, Micah feels guilty. Technically Micah was the root cause of Ramon’s demise.

Episode 4 sees Detective Aames snooping around aimlessly (sorry, had to do that pun); he asks Markus if he trusts Poppy, and obviously, he has her back (mostly because he fancies her). Markus tells Aames to work with Poppy, not against her. Aames speaks to Poppy and tells her that he is not her enemy. He wants her help, but it is clear he wants information from her without a two-way arrangement. Of course, Poppy declines.

There’s trouble in paradise as Ingram tells Poppy that she always gets into a mess — the trust issues are still there. Micah tells Poppy to fight for her husband. She does briefly, but I’m not sure what her angle is — she reminds Ingram that they decided not to have children together…that’s a wonderful way to fight for your marriage!

Anyway, back to the mystery. Markus looks into why Lachlan hid personnel files at Micah’s company. He finds out that Lachlan was running illegal surveillance on all staff, prompting the question, “did Lachlan kill Ramon?” There was surveillance on Markus, and CCTV footage reveals that Markus is having a baby, which comes as a surprise for Poppy. Markus rings Ivy (from the company) and tells her about the illegal surveillance — he raises how the legalities around it are awkward. In the files, there’s footage of Ivy having an affair on footage — she feels guilty as it was a “moment of madness,” and she loves her husband.

Markus finally finds footage of the man he chased — he’s called Holt. He tells Poppy that he could have been hired. There’s a further twist! This is the same man that threatened Cydie Scoville on the bus.

The ending

As the episode nears a conclusion, Ingram tells Poppy that their marriage is over. Poppy wants to fight, but Ingram asks the vital question — “are you happy?” She admits to not being happy because she knows Ingram does not like who she is. And then Ingram lands another blow — he tells her he is going back to New York. Is this the end of their relationship for good?

As the episode ends, Poppy heads to Micah’s place and assumes she is getting sexually assaulted by Holt, so she attempts to ring the authorities. However, Poppy is knocked out by an unknown person. The way the series angled the moment, it’s difficult to tell if Micah was hooking up with Holt or if she was being attacked…

Additional points

  • Markus returns home to see his daughter with another boy. He gives his daughter and her presumed boyfriend the “rules” — neither of them is allowed in the house without parents present.

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