Sex Education season 3, episode 5 recap – “the deleted voicemail”

By Daniel Hart
Published: September 17, 2021
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Netflix series Sex Education season 3, episode 5


Episode 5 is a school trip, which means drama is afoot but fans will be pleased by a certain development.

This recap of Netflix’s Sex Education season 3, episode 5 contains spoilers.

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We always knew this would be a pivotal chapter – a school trip — what’s the worst that can happen? As our characters find themselves in limbo, new issues emerge, but clarity is also obtained.

Sex Education season 3, episode 5 recap

Episode 5 opens up with Viv messaging Eugene — she’s sexting in a bathroom cubicle while on the school trip, attempting to masturbate as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, she cannot finish as someone needs her cubicle. Her boyfriend refers to her vagina as a “lady flower,” and she is alarmed by his medieval roleplaying. Later in the chapter, she raises how she enjoys “nipple play” to try and compromise different sexual language between them.

The school trip is at a war museum/memorial in France. Rumors have spread that Otis and Ruby have broken up, so Ruby feels slightly embarrassed, but she keeps her head high. Otis tries apologizing to Ruby, but she is not interested in talking — she confesses that she does not hate him, but she cannot be around him.

Episode 5 does momentarily move away from the school trip and sees Jean at the maternity clinic. Surprisingly, she sees the new headteacher Hope there. They discuss their different perspectives on teenagers and sex. As we know, Hope seems to angle towards pro-abstinence, while Jean is the complete opposite. After the two women part, it’s revealed that Hope wants another round of IVF treatment, but the doctor is not prepared to offer another one yet. Meanwhile, Jean gets angry at the doctor for his references to older women having babies, and she causes a scene. Outside, she sees a man she had casual sex with. This prompts Jakob to reveal that he does not trust her and wants a paternity test. This couple is constantly on the rocks — will they last?

During the school trip, Maeve tells Aimee that she and Isaac hooked up. Aimee reminds Maeve that Otis and Ruby are no longer an item, but Maeve brushes it off (her best friend obviously knows Maeve loves Otis). Aimee then reveals that she paid Maeve’s fees for the school trip. Maeve is furious, believing the foster mother, Anna paid for it. She raises how she isn’t rich like Aimee. Aimee accuses Maeve of keeping everyone out, and in response, Maeve calls Aimee a people pleaser that will not break up with Steve. The two friends find themselves at an unexpected crossroads.

On the coach on the way back home, the mushrooms Jackson and Cal have taken have an impact. They head to the coach toilets, believing it is a portal. Rahim is inside the coach toilets, and he’s panicking because the water is overflowing. He throws a sock full of his own shit out of the coach, and it hits another car, which then smashes into the side of the coach, causing chaos. There’s a funny investigation following this — teacher Colin wants to check all the socks to see who did it. Adam, who has been forced to spend time with Eric’s ex Rahim, owns up to it knowing Rahim did it. Hopefully, this will relieve the negative tension between them.

The ending

As we reach the end of episode 5, fans of the series will find hope for “Otis and Maeve.” After the poo incident, Maeve and Otis are accidentally left behind, and Otis is panicking. Maeve laughs at him because he’s stressed. They talk about their romances, and Maeve raises that she knows about the voice mail he sent, but Isaac deleted it before she could listen. Otis is irritated that Isaac did that. Maeve is persistent in the conversation and asks Otis what the voicemail said. So, Otis tells her, including the part where he confesses that he loves her. He admits he meant it. And finally, Otis and Maeve kiss each other, and it’s passionate and has a sense of longing. Maeve initially pulls away as she’s confused, but then they kiss again. Their moment of passion is disrupted as the coach returns. Ruby looks outside to see it was Maeve and Otis left behind.

As the episode ends, the students return home, and Otis tells Maeve that they need to talk about what happened. Meanwhile, Eric is in Nigeria enjoying family life. Adam texts Eric telling him he misses him, but Eric is busy and does not respond straight away. There’s more trouble afoot in this relationship.

Additional points

  • Ola tells Lily that she doesn’t want to always have sex in an alien fantasy which hurts her.
  • Adam tells Rahim that poetry is dumb, but Rahim reads some to him to prove him wrong.
  • Jackson and Cal have a moment and kiss on the coach. Cal holds off and tells him that they don’t think they can do this.
  • Emily and Colin agree to move in together.

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