Ankahi Kahaniya ending explained – which love will last?

September 18, 2021
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This article discusses the ending of the Netflix film Ankahi Kahaniya, so it contains spoilers.

Ankahi Kahaniya (“Untold Stories”) is another Hindi-language anthology film.

Netflix’s Ankahi Kahaniya (“Untold Stories”), Saket Chaudhary (Part I) – ending explained

The first section is by the film’s most delightful. We meet a man, Pradeep (Abhishek Banerjee), who works in his village’s finest department store. He is earnest, painfully shy, even goofy, and has the worse case of schizoid personality disorder since Ryan Gosling’s had it in Lars and the Real Girl.

He meets Pari. That’s the name of the mannequin, except this one doesn’t come to life like Kim Cattrall. She’s not a trophy wife, I tell you. She is stiff, has no personality, and has to be carried around everywhere. But she has woken Padreep up from a slumber he hasn’t felt before. Unfortunately, when his boss catches him on camera groping her and later fighting a coworker for dressing her in inappropriate clothes, the boss fires him.

When he moves back home with his mother, he meets his childhood friend, Sashi (T.J. Bhanu). They are arranged, and he has found a purpose. He begs for his job back, and somehow he gets it. In an incredible amount of blatant sexism, the boss blames Pari for causing all the trouble (little hussy). He needs closure and finds her dressed like the little homewrecker she is. Pradeep cries tears of sadness and wipes away her imaginary ones. He walks away as Pari allows him to break from his condition in which he avoids all social situations and interactions.

Netflix’s Ankahi Kahaniya (“Untold Stories”), Abhishek Chaubey (Part II) – ending explained

The second installment, directed by Abhishek Chaubey, has three different Bollywood scenes but is the most serious of the three parts. This has two souls united by misfortunes of being born into dysfunctional families. Manjari (Rinku Rajguru) and Nandu (Delzad Hiwale) are both trying to escape their lives but are trapped. She is physically and mentally abused, and I’m almost certain sexually or about to, from her family, leering neighbors, and stepfather. He is hardworking and forced to take care of his alcoholic Uncle— Nandu is all he has left.

They meet at a local movie theater he works for. Manjari keeps going back after leaving her purse behind. He managed to swipe one of her bindis from an unopened pack. With each visit, they feel more connected. As they watch their last film together, they are staring into the eyes. It’s as if their forbidden romance is being played on screen. It’s young love, you see.

She steals her mom’s purse, and they both leave late at night. As they grab dinner at a station in Mumbai, they are grateful for going but realize how they may have made an impetuous decision. He buys them tickets for different destinations but tells her to sit in front while he sits on the back. They both go along with the charade, knowing they are going in different directions in life, emotionally and physically.

Netflix’s Ankahi Kahaniya (“Untold Stories”), Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari (Part III) – ending explained

The third installment is a much soapier version of the three. Tanu (Zoya Hussein) is worried her husband, Arjun (Nikhil Dwivedi) is cheating on her with her coworker, Natasha (Palomi Ghosh). So she runs to her husband, Manav (Kunal Kapoor), who doesn’t believe it.

So, they end up investigating the affair like Olivia Benson and Elliot Stabler. They retrace the steps of the supposed affair. Not only for the truth, but it finds out why they did it. As they investigate, they grow closer. Tanu reveals her husband cheated on her before but still wants to be with him. Later, the truth comes out. Their spouses had affairs. I’m guessing because Arjun has just hour regular scumbag (he lies to Natasha and tells her she cuts herself). Natasha, drunk and upset, cries into her lover’s shoulder, wondering why she isn’t good enough for him.

They share a kiss but acknowledge they must deal with their loved ones first. While Tanu wanted to stay with her husband initially and end things, they both made surprising decisions. Manav wants to make things work with his wife. Tanu dumps her husband after she finds out that he came back because Natasha left him. They are both ready to be happy in ways they didn’t think were possible before.

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