Luna Park season 1, episode 6 recap – the ending explained

September 30, 2021
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Regardless if Luna Park will get further seasons, this was an okay and respectable ending.

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Regardless if Luna Park will get further seasons, this was an okay and respectable ending.

This recap of Netflix’s Luna Park season 1, episode 6, “Volare,” the ending explained, contains significant spoilers.

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After five chapters of a whole plethora of truths, everything comes to fruition for the finale, which means significant plot developments. Regardless if Luna Park will get further seasons, this was an okay and respectable ending.

Luna Park season 1, episode 6 recap

To open up episode 6, the truth has turned on its ugly head as Tullio confronts Antonio. This leads Antonio to ask Nora if it’s true that she claims to belong to another family — she confirms it, and her grandmother has a face of guilt. The father who raised her walks off in anger. His life has been a lie.

Sandro is told he is overexposing himself after being “best buddies” with Giggi. Sandro is worried he’ll end up in prison. Meanwhile, Simone ends up hiding at the carnival with Nora. Simone tells Nora that her birth father has done a lot to protect him.

Back at the estate, Rosa and her mother Lucia have an emotional argument over Nora. Rosa tells Lucia and Giggi that she thinks their father, Tullio, is hiding something. Meanwhile, Tullio is fretting, and he’s speaking to his friend who is helping. After back and forth and arguments, the friend reveals he covered for him when he killed someone.

Romance blooms in episode 6. In the caravan, Simone opens up to Nora. They kiss each other passionately and sleep together. It was only a matter of time as sexual tensions were high.

Simone, Nora, Rosa, Giggi, and Matteo meet up — Simone makes them aware that the secret service is protecting Ralli. Giggi explains that he will take care of the situation and tells Nora and Simone to hide.

Feeling her motherly instincts, Lucia heads to the carnival and speaks to Miranda — she asks for Nora. Miranda shows Lucia photos and videos of Stella (her daughter) and Nora — Stella raised Nora. Miranda tells Lucia that she needs to accept that Nora has had a mother and cannot go back in time. She doesn’t want her granddaughter’s life to be ruined. Meanwhile, Antonio tells Nora that he is not mad at her — he still sees himself as her father, but he still wants the whole truth.

At the musical game show, Giggi introduces special guest Sandro. Giggi reveals that he will show evidence of murder to make sure justice is served live on television and shows a photo. He then looks sternly at Sandro, and the show is quickly put off the air. Tullio, unaware of what’s happened, sees the show is off the air and wants to know what happened. He then learns his wife is at the carnival.

The ending

At the carnival, Nora and Simone are approached by two men who were told to follow them — they are at the carnival for Simone. Nora tells Simone to run, and they get on a rollercoaster ride together. Before the ride sets off, the two men meddle with the mechanics of their cab.

As the episode ends, Tulio approaches Lucia and Miranda — Lucia is furious because she knows the truth — she wants to get to know her daughter. Nora and Simone experience a rocky rollercoaster ride as their cab starts to malfunction, leaving the audience on a cliffhanger.

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