The Morning Show season 2, episode 3 recap – “Laura”

October 1, 2021
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Episode 3 reveals the ugly side of our characters more than ever as controlling the narrative becomes the centerpiece of conversation.

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Episode 3 reveals the ugly side of our characters more than ever as controlling the narrative becomes the centerpiece of conversation.

This recap of Apple TV+s The Morning Show season 2, episode 3, “Laura,” contains spoilers.

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This series always makes me uncomfortable. It shows the most indulgent side of the human race, and it is not pretty. Are any of these characters meant to be liked? Even the most morally attuned characters have a slant about them that is questionable.

The Morning Show season 2, episode 3 recap

Episode 3 opens in Wuhan, China. Daniel is told to leave before 10 pm as they are locking the entire region down. It’s chaos, and getting on a train includes temperature checks. This brings back memories of scrolling through Twitter and seeing the danger come from afar. Daniel reports from Beijing while in quarantine, and there’s so much naivety as Bradley and her co-host laugh at the concept of social distancing.

Moving away from covid-19, at UBA, there’s excitement brewing with marketing prep for Alex’s return. Alex tells Cory and the team that she wants Chip to be the producer because “he’s the best.” Cory tells Stella to arrange it immediately. You can tell Stella ain’t happy.

And so, on The Morning Show, it’s announced that Alex Levy will be returning. When they are off-air, Bradley reveals she is still frustrated with Cory — she wants to be known as an independent thinker in politics, and she demands that she moderates a debate in Iowa for an election. Cory is annoyed at Bradley, reminding her who is boss, and asks her not to speak to him in the way she is.

In Italy, Mitch and Fred walk together through a town, and it’s pretty clear Mitch is still not in the mood to talk. Fred tells Mitch that they are in the same boat, and he does not feel responsible for Hannah’s death. Mitch strongly reminds Fred that Hannah was bright and capable. Fred wants them both to put on a united front. It’s good to know that Fred is still an arsehole.

Alex and Bradley meet for lunch; Alex comes clean and accepts that she hurt people and apologizes. Bradley accepts the apology but clarifies that she’s going to compete, so the tension between both women remains. Alex warns Bradley about the interview they are both taking with Laura Peterson — she wants them to get their facts straight — if anything, Alex is highlighting the bullshit that occurs in the world of media.

Episode 3 presents the interview between Alex and Laura Peterson first; Alex tells Laura that she doesn’t want to talk about Hannah during the interview out of respect. But then, Laura lands a question that throws Alex off — she asks about her relationship with Mitch. Alex admits that Mitch was her best friend but that he was “many things to many people.” Afterward, Alex asks Chip about Laura’s question regarding Mitch, and she is furious, believing she was angling that they slept together. She felt it was an accusation, not a question. She warns Bradley again, telling her to be on guard.

Back in Italy, Mitch chills with his new friend Paola at a bar — he learns that Alex has returned to The Morning Show, and he’s upset about it. His new friend tells him to pity Alex as he has had the chance to move on with life while she is back to where the toxicity began. She reminds him he cannot undo what he did, but he can still help people. She asks him to help with a documentary she is making about a rape conviction. Mitch is emotionally imbalanced and cannot even consider anything at present, so he walks off.

While in Iowa for an election, Bradley is interviewed by Laura. She asks Bradley about her thoughts on her career at this stage of her life. Later in the evening, Laura tells Bradley that Cory insisted that she look after her, but she doesn’t think she needs it. Laura calls Bradley a dynamo and believes UBA is not using her in the right way — she suggests she’s bigger than The Morning Show.

The next day, while in the back of a car with each other, Laura asks Bradley a personal question without a camera on them — she asks her if she got vetted for the job. In a moment of opportunity, Bradley senses the mood and kisses Laura. Laura kisses her back, and they passionately embrace.

The ending

As the episode ends, Alex returns to The Morning Show — she walks through the studio and is met by applause. The episode cuts as the show is about to start with both women smiling. You can feel the artificiality through the screen.

Additional points

  • Stella raises her concerns about bringing Chip back — she wants things to be stable. Cory tells her they need to keep Alex happy so she can be successful.
  • Chip wants the question regarding Mitch to be an edited scene.

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